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20140930 Why more Singaporeans have lost our respect for Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew is hailed as a great leader of Singapore and credited with the miraculous transformation of Singapore into a developed country. But this is only according the propaganda on mainstream media. More Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, no … Continue reading

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20140930 64,000 foreigners threw away their Singapore PR since 2010, immigration policy must be reviewed

The PAP government needs to urgently address its flawed immigration policy to avoid compounding issues in future. The Singapore PR appears to have the ‘lowest value’ in the world as an increasing number of foreigners have given up their PR … Continue reading

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20140928 NParks does an Intan, PAP’s wayang shown countless times already

The incident at Hong Lim Park on 27 September was preventable and the error was unmistakably NParks’. One should also take WP’s Bernard Chen’s comments on the “heckled” allegation with a lorry load of salt. It is not only irresponsible … Continue reading

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20140927 PAP ministers’ salary increased by 3,600% since independence but problems also increased, no solution in sight

In 2011, PM Lee Hsien Loong said that Ministers should be paid “properly so that Singapore will have capable and committed leadership over the long term”. ‘Capable’ is defined as ‘having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or … Continue reading

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20140926 Expect apology from PAP MP Intan? Wait long long

The PAP doesn’t seem to understand that it needs to have closure on the ‘mistakes’ made by its MP Intan Mokhtar. Citizens have been questioning Intan’s support for Yang’s PR application. Instead, Straits Times reframes the issue into whether Intan … Continue reading

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