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PAP to start GST ‘awareness’ with another hike?

PAP has run out of ideas to generate economic growth and has instead embarked on an ‘awareness’ campaign to generate revenue. These jiak liao bees are aware that they have at least 2 more good years ahead before the next … Continue reading

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Minister Indranee is not a harebrained goondu, easy ways to grow GDP not maxed out

During the post-budget REACH wayang, SMOS for Finance Indranee Rajah tried to defend PAP’s arbitrary 30% increase in the price of water. Although the increase will trickle down to all goods and services, Indranee pretended she didn’t know fundamental economic … Continue reading

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Did motorcyclists vote for motorcycle COE price increase of 2800% since 2005?

On 1 Feb 2005, it cost only $224 for a motorcycle COE. On 5 Feb 2017, the price had increased to $6412 or about 28 times. Did the salary of delivery drivers increase by even 2.8 times? The last time … Continue reading

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PAP really doesn’t know the returns made from CPF or just refuse to disclose material information?

CPF members are given the impression that because our reserves are commingled, PAP doesn’t know the returns made from investing CPF monies. According to MOF (Q29)**: – “..even after deducting all the Government’s liabilities (including CPF monies)” – “ the … Continue reading

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Budget 2017: PAP government increasing housing grants to support high housing prices

I refer to “Higher CPF housing grant: No big increase in resale market prices, say analysts”. CNA This is another instance of propaganda at its best. From potential resale flat buyers to property analysts, everyone is applauding PAP without understanding … Continue reading

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