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20140831 PAP – talking a lot but resolving nothing on healthcare issue

Citizens should be wary of PAP’s ‘action’ which basically does not address the root causes of issues. In fact, the PAP has continued to pull wool over citizens’ eyes with the help of our mainstream media. Take for example the … Continue reading

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20140828 PAP privatised public healthcare costs but who are the beneficiaries of government grants?

Below is the bill of my 15 year old child who had waited for hours to see a doctor for 5 minutes. With reference to the above bill: 1-The consultation fee “full amount” is stated as “$38.97”. Consultation fees of … Continue reading

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20140827 PAP’s governance failure makes PAP a liability to our country

Singaporeans who continue to be apologists for PAP’s governance failure had better start to scrutinise PAP’s policies objectively. The longer we continue to accommodate PAP’s epic failures, the worse it will be for our children and future generations of Singaporeans. … Continue reading

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20140826 HDB removes advisory from website, passes the buck to NEA

From: pipakh Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 10:46 PM To: Yi Hui TAN (HDB) Subject: 20140813 Suggestions for air con trays Dear Ms Tan The removal of a useful advisory has not resolved the issue of air con trays being … Continue reading

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20140826 The Municipal Services Office may need oversight by another agency in future

In his NDR speech, PM Lee announced the opening of the Municipal Services Office (MSO) will be on 1 October. This will effectively create new jobs for the PAP. MSO’s task is to “get different agencies to work more closely … Continue reading

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20140824 PAP does not want to ensure a comfortable retirement for Singaporeans

The PAP has refused to address the issue of our failed CPF system causing our retirement shortfall. Instead of acting responsibly, it continues to pass the buck to citizens. Below are a few suggestions by Roy but it is not … Continue reading

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20140821 The Ass Tee (ST) only interested in CPF propaganda

I refer to Loh Keng Fatt’s article “Reward those keen to grow nest egg wit CPF”. While CPF members are demanding our money back, The Ass Tee tries to spin it the other way around. From the article, Keng Fatt … Continue reading

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20140818 PM Lee tells CPF members to rely on ourselves, government not responsible for CPF failure

I refer to PM Lee’s NDR speech with regard to CPF issues. 1 – PM LEE: “The typical retiree household in a 3-room flat has $300,000 savings in his flat, or $400,000 for a 4-room flat. These are valuable savings to … Continue reading

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20140818 Vote PAP out the only way for CPF members to get back retirement savings

PM Lee’s NDR speech, with regard to the CPF issue, has clearly proven he does not understand the needs of ordinary citizens. PM Lee has not acknowledged the fact that CPF is OUR money. No political party has the right … Continue reading

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20140819 CPF Board ceased publishing wage data to mask PAP’s policy failure

Since Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, started an open door foreign talent/worker and immigration policies 2 decades ago, the PAP has been addicted to this shortcut to high GDP growth. To justify these policies, the PAP came up with crap … Continue reading

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