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20140817 Goh Chok Tong living in la la land, more citizens have lost trust in PAP

If there’s a starting point when Singapore started going downhill, it was when Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, put out the red carpet for any foreign talent from any third world country. This coincided with an upside-down-cart-before-horse planning where the … Continue reading

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20140816 WP supporters should support CPF issue at Hong Lim Park

Dear WP supporters Many of you must have been disappointed with your MPs who have preferred to play it safe in Parliament. Since GE 2011, after 38 months, the issue on CPF transparency and accountability has not been addressed by … Continue reading

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20140813 Oversight of GIC urgently needed by parliament

After The Straits Times had published “GIC seeding start-up fund headed by ex-CIO: Report” on 3 April, there was not even a whisper in Parliament about the hundreds of millions/billions of CPF dollars/reserves being invested. Recall Minister Vivian asking “How … Continue reading

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20140813 GIC selective, publish minimal news on its website

GIC has shown a preference to publish as little as news as possible on its “Newsroom”.  There is no reason not to publish information which is already publicly available August 2014 GIC did not publish a single news below on it website. … Continue reading

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20140812 PAP’s self-reliance policy imposed on citizens only, GIC and Temasek exempted

Although the PAP has never been financially self reliant, it expects citizens to be self reliant. With the monopoly of power, PAP mandated Singaporeans’ retirement funds to be used for constructing infrastructures and converts hundreds of billions into reserves. But … Continue reading

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20140810 PM Lee’s National Day message confirms PAP’s disconnect with our issues

PM Lee’s National Day message confirms the PAP is out of touch with our issues and prefers more wayangs and tweaks as ‘solutions’. PM Lee: “We are working together to improve our lives, build a better home, and hand to … Continue reading

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20140809 Disclosing GIC’s returns in Singapore dollar will reveal its poor performance

Prior to 2009, GIC had disclosed its returns in the local currency. The reasons given for disclosing them only in US$ is merely to mask its poor performance. Some readers may insist GIC has performed remarkably well simply because it … Continue reading

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20140807 PAP must disclose hundreds of millions paid to GIC/Temasek board of directors and external fund managers

GIC manages about US$ 320 billion of CPF monies and our reserves. Temasek’s portfolio is currently valued at S$ 223 billion. Although these 2 SWFs manage a total of S$623,000,000,000 of public funds, none has been accountable to the public … Continue reading

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20140710 Good corporate governance at Temasek Holdings?

Dear PM Lee On 6 May, I made an enquiry on the remuneration of Temasek Holdings’ board of directors. Although the government says it wants to engage, more often than not, it does the opposite. Temasek’s silence is not engagement. … Continue reading


20140806 Sinkapoorean government to introduce new 3M Hellthcare framework

Sinkapoor, the wealthiest Asian state in name only, has decided to scrap its 3M healthcare framework due to the recent protests. Sinkapooreans are increasingly fed up with it’s 3M framework ie. Medi-ocre, Medi-cines and Medi-nonsense which serve no purpose other … Continue reading

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