LKY’s garden in a city must go, human cost will be too high

Due to severe weather patterns, LKY’s ‘garden in a city’ is turning into a nightmare.

Yesterday, another NParks tree killed a 5-year old boy after falling on him.

​In the past few years, there have been a few fatalities and numerous injuries involving falling trees.

Accidents do happen but if NParks is aware that it does not have sufficient resources to conduct proper checks, why is it still planting even more trees? Why have all older trees not been pruned or properly inspected?

Should victims take legal action against NParks to prevent others from being injured or killed in future?​ NParks has to decide if the status quo remains and take responsibility should accidents occur.

City in a garden/garden in a city has turned into a nightmare for motorists.
nparks1 nparks4
No one is arguing against greening Singapore. But at the rate of lives being lost, continuing with LKY’s vision is simply absurd.

With fatalities/injuries/damages on the rise, isn’t it increasingly dangerous to live in our garden city? Other posts.

NParks must cease flying on auto pilot.  One life lost is one life too many.

Times have changed and LKY’s vision sorely needs a revamp.

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3 Responses to LKY’s garden in a city must go, human cost will be too high

  1. Anonymous incognito says:

    What’s your proposal?
    Mine is to do a proper environmental assessment and find out which trees are suitable for the climate and geography. I’d also hire all those polytechnical students and PMETS who can’t and train them to be forest wardens They’d patrol the woods and chop down any tree that looks dangerous. The wood could then be turned to benches and tables for the various parks and shopping centres.

    So you’d give value added jobs as well 🙂

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Unfortunately, every suggestion from non-AP affiliates will be brushed aside. Then, just when everyone has forgotten, they will steal the idea. Even if they accept our ideas but execution goes wrong, we also kena blame. 🙂

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