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20151211 Singaporeans should thank Temasek’s Ho Ching for NOL sale

Singaporeans should thank Ho Ching, Temasek CEO, for having the courage to sell our national icon, NOL, in our jubilee year. Eight years ago, Temasek Chairman Dhanabalan complimented Ho and said she “had the courage to cut the loss”. ‘The … Continue reading

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20151209 NOL’s ‘lelong’ sale confirms Temasek is a quitter, laughing stock

After 50 years of own self pay own self government, we’re starting to witness an increasing number of spectacular failures. They will cost taxpayers dearly. NOL has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons: it will be … Continue reading

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20151207 Singaporeans better off without Temasek Holdings (2)

If Temasek were a fund manager in the real private sector, no sane person would invest in such a company. Really. I mean, why would anyone invest in a fund manager with selective disclosure of important information, whose CEO’s birthday … Continue reading

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20121205 NS rank allowance should increase by $800 to recognise sacrifice, $80 increase an insult

I refer to “National servicemen to get $80 more in monthly allowance”. I hope our youths will start to think if there’s really a need for conscription instead of relying on PAP propaganda to do their thinking. There has been … Continue reading

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20151203 CPF OA interest rate 3.5%??

I refer to “CPF Ordinary Account interest rate stays at 3.5% for first quarter of 2016”. While CNA, and other nation-building media, reported “CPF interest rates to remain unchanged”, the editor of a government mouthpiece appears to be sleeping on … Continue reading

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20121202 PAP’s private sector is not the real private sector

I refer to “CEO of IE Singapore to step down from Dec 31”. PAP-appointed CEO Teo Eng Cheong, husband of it’s-not-the-govt’s-job-to-love-Singaporeans SMOS Josephine Teo, is reported to be leaving to join the “private sector”. As usual, Teo is praised to … Continue reading

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20151202 HDB flat ‘owners’ should not pay property tax, property belongs to the state (2)

Where public housing is concerned, Singaporeans are cash cows for the PAP government. It is important to note that one doesn’t own a thing which others have control over and that includes our HDB flats. Regardless of PAP’s “HDB owner” … Continue reading

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20151201 HDB flat ‘owners’ should not pay property tax, property belongs to state

I refer to CNA article “Most home owners to pay less property tax next year”. According to the article, HDB flat ‘owners’ will be able to save between 9% and 24% a year. The numbers may seem big but this … Continue reading

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