20151212 Hepatitis C deaths/infection – innocent taxpayers pay the price but SGH, MOH not accountable for screw up?

I refer to CNA’s “SGH ‘determined to regain trust of Singaporeans’ after Hepatitis C outbreak”, “We must be determined to learn from this: Health Minister on SGH Hepatitis C outbreak” and “We will work to regain trust of Singaporeans in our healthcare system: Chee Hong Tat”.

Singaporeans should not expect any accountability from a own self hold own self accountable PAP government. If PAP had wanted to hold any PAP-appointed CEO/senior civil servants accountable, a COI would have been convened, not another PAP ‘independent’ review committee.

The current situation is similar to another ‘independent’ committee set up to review AIM by MND: it found no misuse of funds by town councils which sold public property at a steep discount to AIM, a PAP-owned company. The outcome of every wayang committee is a foregone conclusion – wait long long for accountability to be addressed.

MOH said that “within MOH, there was no single division with clear responsibility and capability to deal with the issue, resulting in a gap in ownership”. Will even an idiot believe this?

Minister Gan revealed that SGH, MOH and Singhealth will each appoint a Human Resource panel …. to determine who will be accountable and to assess if disciplinary actions need to be taken. This means that even if the Human Resource panels have determined the person to be held accountable, there could still be no action taken.

In a functioning democracy, heads would have automatically rolled but MOH has yet to determine who, and whether if anyone, will be held accountable. Are we living in North Korea? Why is PAP trivialising 8 deaths and 25 cases of hepatitis infection?

In the private sector, the CEO’s head would likely have been on the chopping block even if there had been only 1 death and fewer patients infected.

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Since PAP runs Singapore as a corporation, it is only right for the CEO of SGH, and others who were negligent, to commit hara kiri immediately.

The families of SGH victims should consider taking legal action against SGH soonest possible and not await any offer of compensation because PAP has no intention of holding anyone accountable. This will send a clear message to the government that it must remove incompetent officers in SGH/MOH to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

The ‘apologies’ from Minister Gan, MOS for Health Chee Hong Tat and SGH CEO ring hollow, ie they have continued to make motherhood statements such as their negligence is a “hard and humbling lesson”, all involved “will learn, improve and work tirelessly”, etc. Any monetary compensation is cold comfort to family members.

Compensation, expected to be a record multi-million dollar payout, will be paid by taxpayers, not SGH CEO or others who were negligent.

Singaporeans should be wary of such a convenient arrangement where heads PAP wins, tails taxpayers lose. Since it has been confirmed SGH and MOH have screwed up big time, PAP should address the issue of accountability before making innocent taxpayers pay the price.

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3 Responses to 20151212 Hepatitis C deaths/infection – innocent taxpayers pay the price but SGH, MOH not accountable for screw up?

  1. xyz says:

    As someone who has worked in govt ministry and stat boards for over 20 years, I am very sure the below will be the outcome:-

    The 3 HR panels will collude among themselves to identify a few low-level employees to be sacrificed & fired without compensation. Mid-level managers will be “re-deployed” — will still get bonus, maybe even pay increment & more senang job scope somemore. Higher-level personnel such as directors, CEOs, minister will not even be mentioned.

    This will be similar to the Mas Selamat escape cock-up, where the low-level people kena teroh punishment but the “upper-class” escape all responsibility.

    As for compensation, PAP will just offer about $200K for each dead person based on calculation that most of them are elderly, jobless or low-pay jobs, and not much human potential or income-generating potential. For those Hep C infected and still alive, PAP will just offer free C-class treatment for their infection.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      The treatment offered at cost will be blown up to $XXXXX per person which of course includes a profit. Mainstream media will highlight all the positive aspects of government assistance and the people are no better off in the end because the cycle of incompetence will repeat itself.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

  2. Francis says:

    Bureaucracy happened in all matters of government, to say democracy is failing is pushing the facts, PM Lee no wrong door is failing because in foul up bureaucracy like Singapore, every agencies is trying to convince you the other agencies are the right agency to help you, so they can do no wrong by doing something.

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