20160123 Tiger Airways continues recovery in Q3?

I refer to CNA’s “Tiger Airways continues recovery with higher Q3 net profit”.

CNA has tried to pull a fast one on unsuspecting readers. Maybe its readers are not as intelligent as it has assumed?

Tiger Airways is a failure and there’s no need to mask this with half truths. The chart below says it all.

Tiger Airways was set up by Temasek Holdings and SIA. Whenever our scholar-managed companies compete internationally without PAP’s ability to tweak the rules of the game to its advantage, failure is assured. Next to go may be Scoot.

Tiger’s fuel costs fell by a third to $43.5 million”, ie its expenditure reduced by $21.75 million. Tiger’s net profit of $6.8 million therefore resulted directly from the collapse of oil prices so what recovery is CNA talking about? Remove its fuel savings and the headline will read “Tiger Airways losses continue to mount, $14.95 million in Q3”.

Temasek’s tiger is now mewing like a kitten and if SIA did not offer to take it private, it will be heading towards delisting in a few years anyway.

This will lead to a loss of face for Temasek and what better way to conceal this with SIA’s bid?

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1 Response to 20160123 Tiger Airways continues recovery in Q3?

  1. Xmen says:

    You won’t read this in Singapore MSM lol –

    “According to data compiled by Deutsche Bank this week, European stocks in which Singaporean, South African, Chinese, Kuwaiti and Qatari governments and sovereign wealth funds own at least 5% have under-performed the broader market by 15% since 2015 began.

    Their heavy exposure to financial and commodity-linked firms has proven particularly damaging.”

    StanChart lost almost 1/4 of its values in the past 3 months alone. Then there is the Chinese calamity where its stock market has lost over 40% of its value from its peak.

    See http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2016/01/26/emerging-market-governments-have-made-terrible-stock-pickers-in-europe/.

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