20160125 PAP’s foolish immigration policy increases threats to social cohesion

PAP has continued to live in the days when ‘mata’ wore shorts by continuing to dish out motherhood statements. (“Threats to cohesion can be fended off if Singaporeans work together: PM Lee”)

PM Lee: “..the country will hold together if its people strengthen their support for one another..”. This is wishful thinking because PAP’s immigration policy does not allow Singaporeans to support one another.

Singapore cannot maintain any social cohesion because our money grabbing leadership has allowed our national identity to be diluted with an immigration policy designed to:
– increase PAP’s political support
– increase headcount (fake demand) to generate economic growth. (improve KPIs of senior civil servants and ministers)

If PAP has acted responsibly, it would have paused and acknowledged all self-created issues. Instead, it plans to increase the threats to social cohesion by increasing the population, mostly foreigners, to beyond 6.9 million.

Former Police Commissioner Ng Joo Hee highlighted the rampant vice in Geylang, a “potential powder keg”, where criminals display an “overt hostility and antagonism towards the police”. Without the presence of tens of thousands of foreigners, the area was under control and threats of social cohesion never existed. If the police had to run away from 400 rioters in Little India 2 years ago, it is doubtful our men in blue will have the courage to engage the Chinese. PM Lee should go take a look for himself and he will also understand why Fatimah Lateef, MP for the area, has been waiting “very long” for the authorities to take meaningful action. (Fatimah claims she has been doing a lot and tries to explain away her failure for the worsening situation, insisting she is only “one person, one MP, one woman”. Ten years of meaningless effort to be exact.)

If there were no social cohesion issues, why does PAP need to conceal the breakdown of foreign nationalities?

It is a fact that in every HDB estate, PRCs will congregate with their kind, especially older relatives. In churches, Filipinos are already a force to be reckoned with and if church managements are not mindful, they may even be taken over one day. Indians from India seldom interact with Singaporean Indians and they are really worlds apart, aside from the spelling of their race. These issues should not be ignored by PAP.

Post 2005 statistics have confirmed PAP’s hand in increasing the threats to social cohesion. In order to “avoid an anticipated recession”, the PAP decided to increase the number of PRs by nearly 300,000 from 2005 to 2009. Worse, the total population increased by 586,000 in 3 years from 2006 to 2009. link

Is this long-term planning or just tikam tikam and hoping for the best? Who considers this long-term planning, keechiu!

Despite the spike in public housing prices caused by PAP, many wealthy foreigner Chinese were still able to pay 5- or 6-figure COVs in cash. When resale public housing are out of reach for many Singaporeans while the number of foreign buyers keeps increasing, is there no threat to social cohesion? PM Lee has lost the moral authority to lecture Singaporeans on social cohesion.

PAP has been taking lots of economic shortcuts and has even boasted we emerged from the global financial crisis better than other countries. This of course is expensive bullshit costing ordinary Singaporeans dearly in the form of depressed wages, jobs lost to foreigners and unnecessary retrenchments. Can have social cohesion like that meh?

Many foreign workers have also been fleeced by their agents back home who are likely to be in cahoots with locals. These disgruntled foreigners fall prey easily to terrorist groups and radicalisation is just a matter of time. Do we have sufficient intelligence resources to monitor hundreds of thousands of foreign workers and identify potential trouble makers before they wreak havoc?

The only way to reduce threats to social cohesion is a major shift from PAP’s foolish immigration policy. But this will lead to a collapse in property prices as there are already more than 20,000 unsold homes all built in anticipation of a huge population increase. Billions in our reserves have also been raided to finance infrastructure construction to cater to a population of more than 6.9 million. It is likely PAP will simply continue to take a chance with its immigration policy.

Born and bred Singaporeans are not robots which can be programmed by a motherhood statement software. We have no objection to a gradual increase in foreigners but object to increasing their headcount for the sole objective of increasing the GDP.

Should PM Lee be even lecturing us on social cohesion as if our social fabric has not been torn apart by PAP’s foolish immigration policy?

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