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20140714 CPF Board taking excessive risks to manage Medishield insurance

Town councils which had invested residents’ funds in toxic investments probably lost millions during the last financial crisis 6 years ago. Till today, my town council has refused to disclose the losses despite my repeated query. It appears the CPF … Continue reading

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20140713 Has PM Lee ‘forgiven’ Roy?

The PAP has been tapping on a cheap source of funds, our CPF retirement savings, for investment and public housing. Transparency has remained an issue despite the recent parliamentary questions on CPF. That MPs have suddenly woken up to festering … Continue reading

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20140712 Medishield Life – PAP’s latest pot of gold, government’s abdication of its healthcare responsibility

On 15 June, I wrote “Medishield Life – huge premium increase will be an issue” before the announcement of Medishield Life (ML) premiums. By recently confirming the huge premium increase of between 111% and 189%, our worst fear has been … Continue reading

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20140711 More nonsense from PAP MP Hri Kumar’s ‘damage control’ on Facebook

Many netizens have commented on PAP MP Hri Kumar’s CPF Forum as being just another ‘wayang’. Kumar is no CPF expert but had organised the Forum without the presence of any CPF officers! During the session, Kumar was merely trying … Continue reading

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20140709 CPF members shortchanged by PAP’s guarantee of lowest rate of returns in the world

“In CPF monies are safe: DPM Tharman“, the government has again repeated the half truth ie “Risk on GIC investments are wholly borne by the Government”. There is inherently no logic because the “government” and CPF members are one and … Continue reading

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20140708 Parliamentary questions on CPF – are MPs feigning stupidity or what?

Parliamentary questions on the CPF today will attempt to evade the question on transparency issue regarding Singaporeans’ $260 billion retirement savings. That the majority of CPF members need our money does not seem to concern our MPs. Every MP seems clueless … Continue reading

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20140708 Sembawang GRC electorate should reject a PAP Aljuneid reject

It has been confirmed Ong Ye Kung will be contesting the next election in Sembawang GRC instead of Aljuneid. Sembawang GRC voters would do well to scrutinise the latest PAP parachutist. Who is Ong Ye Kung? According to Wikipedia, Ong … Continue reading

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20140706 10 reasons why I do not trust GIC to manage my CPF savings

The CPF Minimum Sum (MS) has been increased to $198,500 with effect from 1 July 2014. (MS must also include Medisave Account) The PAP government claims it is for a our “secure retirement”. However, the manner in which it channels … Continue reading

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