20150815 Why Pasir Ris voters should support SDA

(I am not a member of any political party)

SDA’s Desmond Lim does not deserve to be ridiculed for not being articulate. There are good reasons for voters not to dismiss Desmond as a potential MP. In fact, we really do not have any choice but to ensure Desmond and his team get into parliament.

Singaporeans demand change and we NEED a government that’s transparent, accountable and it must prioritise our basic needs over foreigners’ needs. But under PAP, we have none of these. Isn’t it illogical to insist on keeping PAP in power for whatever reasons, knowing full well PAP will only preserve the status quo and our one-trick pony only wants to increase the population and profit from citizens?

PAP’s incompetence has already been confirmed by the PWP which it rammed through Parliament. Without sufficient checks, the next PWP may offer more nonsensical justifications to increase the population to 10 million. Singaporeans need to realise what the PAP is really doing NOW and not wait till it’s too late.

PAP has pumped BILLIONS of tax dollars to finance infrastructure in anticipation of a HUGE population increase above 6.9 million and this is no laughing matter. This is confirmed by the ongoing construction everywhere and has turned our country into the biggest construction site in the universe.

The unique feature of our demo-aristocracy is the use of billions of reserves need not be disclosed in Parliament. And the PAP also has the ability to redefine the conventional meaning of words, ie although our reserves had been used 55 instead of 27 times, it was not considered a drawdown but a “conversion of past reserves from one form (financial assets) to another (state land)”. Hmm … accounting taught at Mumbai or Southern Pacific University?

What would have happened if Singapore needed the money urgently in a financial crisis? Revert to barter trade?

According to PAP’s logic, a child would be able to withdraw money from his bank account, buys a $300 bicycle but tells his parents he did not withdraw any money because it was converted to a mechanical asset.

What should worry Singaporeans is whether Temasek Holdings and GIC also practice ‘conversion’ in their accounting. The government has to be transparent because it involves almost $300,000,000,000 of CPF monies. How can citizens trust PAP’s statement of assets and liabilities when we do not know how many conversions have taken place?

We had an ex president who held the second key to our reserves. Unfortunately, he had fallen asleep and was unaware that the key was used to unlock the vault not once but 27 times.

If we were just a little more observant, we would have noticed there has been not a whisper in Parliament with regard to the ‘conversion’ currently taking place, ie island wide construction activities. Can we trust our president to be awake this time?

There’s already talk of a 10-million population and should PAP dominate parliament after GE 2015, we can kiss our future goodbye.

Back to Pasir Ris where my MP happens to be Minister Teo Chee Hean. As I reflect on what Teo, a minister-MP who is supposed to have a louder voice in Parliament, has done for me since May 2011, the answer I got was ‘nothing’.

In fact, Teo, who can certainly articulate better than Desmond, has been articulating AGAINST my interest. (Teo is part of PAP’s inner circle)

Teo was parachuted into Marine Parade GRC in 1992. After more than 2 decades:

– He has not understood how the CPF issue affects ordinary citizens/could not be bothered to speak up.
– Did not understand basic demand and supply of housing, did not speak up and allowed HDB prices to skyrocket.
– Did not prevent the government from squandering tax dollars on grants for foreigners’ education at citizens’ expense.
– Supported the population increase at an insane pace despite knowing our infrastructure would not be able to cope.

It has been confirmed that Teo has all the while been part of the problem and has vested interest to maintain the status quo. Why should anyone vote for Teo when we already know the consequences with a high degree of certainty? Since PAP will only continue to screw up my life, common sense tells me to support any party but PAP.

Some have likened Desmond to a clown but what’s wrong with serving constituents while relieving their stress with additional entertainment? For decades, we already have PAP clowns like Mah Bow Tan (Marina Bay renamed Marina Bay), Wong Kan Seng and of course Lim Swee Say. We should trust our system to take in another clown because if it wasn’t robust, it wouldn’t have survived for decades.

Was Khaw not clowning around when he disclosed a major surgery cost the equivalent of only 2 plates of chicken rice in high-cost Singapore while lesser mortals pay at least thousand$?

What about Wong Kan Seng who told the public that Mas Selamat was either in Singapore or he had fled the country?

Soon, Wong will also be replaced by a Chong Kee Hiong who’s almost his mirror image.

Will you vote for this small-minded candidate who says he is still upset after three decades, and “remember (s) it with such clarity”, for not winning a prize in Primary 5?


PAP implemented the GRC system to prevent opposition members from getting into Parliament. Despite 40% of votes going to the opposition, opposition MPs make up less then 10% of all MPs. The priority is therefore to break PAP’s dominance or real issues will not see daylight. Middle-ground voters must prioritise their needs – do they want an MP who can articulate well but mostly against their interest, a yes-man without balls to speak his mind in Parliament or someone who represents their interest?

How bad can an opposition member be when we have seen the likes of Tin Pei Ling, Amy Khor or Gan Thiam Poh, besides those clowns mentioned above?

Unlike PAP candidates who are almost assured of a GRC back door entry into parliament, opposition members stand a very high chance of losing their $16,000 election deposit. In Desmond’s case, he has lost tens of thousands in election deposits in an attempt to provide us with an alternative voice in Parliament. For his indefatigable efforts, I take my hat off to Desmond.

It’s an uphill task taking on the incumbent PAP which has avail itself of resources funded by taxpayers. It’s easy to criticise Desmond in the comfort of our home but can we do a better job? Really?

We know for certain that SDA candidates will not be yes-MPs unlike Teo Ser Luck, Puthucheary, Penny Low, Gan Thiam Poh and Sapari.

Pasir Ris voters who supported PAP should shoulder the blame for all the screw ups post GE 2011. It has already been proven, time and again, that PAP never intended to carry out its promises when it begged for our votes during election rallies. But let’s not dwell on the past, learn from the mistakes and ensure they don’t happen again.

Should Singaporeans continue to support PAP, it will be become increasingly difficult to undo the damage of many flawed policies, especially with regard to immigration. In future, our children will look back with disgust at how their parents screwed up their lives by REPEATEDLY making wrong choices.

The PAP has proven that being articulate and possessing a high degree of academic intelligence is of no use to voters when they use their intelligence to articulate against our interest.

As for my choice, it is anyone but PAP candidates because the status quo must not be maintained. I will vote to put a stop to PAP policies which hurt ordinary Singaporeans. Middle-ground voters should reconsider their support for PAP.


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