20150824 Singaporean youths should be wary of PAP’s profit motive, don’t vote for incompetence

The last 2 decades have seen so many policy missteps that epic screw ups = PAP = new normal. But our country was never so mismanaged before Goh Chok Tong became PM. Singaporean youths may not have experienced a Singapore when leaders were not inept and need to have a better perspective. Our sorry state can be corrected in GE 2015 and PAP must not be allowed to continue taking Singapore downhill.

Most issues have already been highlighted by one of the most respected bloggers @ Diary of A Singaporean Mind since 2005. But PAP did not even bother to listen. By comparing the pre- and post-1990 leadership, it becomes obvious how inept our current batch of leaders are. We need to vote wisely.

The consensus among Singaporeans – Goh Chok Tong was the captain who started steering our Singapore liner into treacherous waters. Goh had ZERO experience in the private sector and of course did not know how to generate real economic growth. Goh was being simplistic when he created economic growth by importing citizens and cheap labour from Third World countries.

After PM Lee took over Goh in 2004, PAP continued with its addiction to growing the economy by growing the foreigner population. When PM Lee says “easy ways” to economic growth “maxed out”, he was indirectly admitting to importing foreigners to increase economic growth. As far as we know, there is no easy way to make money except maybe by increasing ministerial salaries at the stroke of a pen.

PM Lee: “Productivity is very tough to do, and that is what we depend on now”.

Wrong. We depended on productivity 3 decades ago and not ‘now’. What kind of a leader is PM Lee, one who prefers a not “tough to do” job while paid more than $4 million, including his MP and town councilor’s allowance, in 2008? Is PM Lee a jiak-liow-bee aristocrat?

When we import millions of foreign workers from Third World countries, our First World standard will eventually drop. This is common sense. How could a foreign graduate from a Third World university such as Mumbai be equated with our local uni grads? How can we expect to have a First World standard of hygiene while forcing local cleaners to accept Third World wages? If PM Lee prefers a not “very tough to do” job where he has plenty of Facebook time, he should work as a receptionist in a small company.

Singaporean youths need to know that a better Singapore existed during their parents’ time. During our early years, we had competent leaders like Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye, etc who put the interest of citizens above politics. Our basic needs were taken care of by a responsible government. Fast forward to 1990 when Goh became PM, PAP has become so greedy that all policies are crafted with profiting from the people in mind, eg HDB, COE, CPF, Medishield Life, hospital charges, public transportation, etc. All because one man and his bad ideas once asked, “what’s wrong with collecting more money?”.

When we were not considered a First World country, medical care was nothing close to our present system of means testing, implemented by mean politicians who believe ordinary citizens have no dignity. Presently, ordinary citizens are worried sick about falling ill while others forgo medical attention because treatment is unaffordable or they do not want to burden their children. Healthcare costs have also been inflated by PAP to exorbitant levels. To better understand how we have been shortchanged over the years, read the personal account popular blogger, Redbean.

Some may argue that those were the good old days, now long gone, and policemen don’t wear shorts anymore. But this doesn’t make any sense because Singapore has become one of the wealthiest country in the world. Where has all our wealth gone?

Like Redbean, I was a regular NCO in the Air Force drawing an enlistment salary of about $600 in 1982 which increased to $1400 before my ORD (previously ROD) in 1988. A year before I joined the private sector, I received the keys to my Simei 5-room flat which cost less than $80,000. Today, a new 5-room HDB flat costs on average $400,000, an increase of 500%. In the past, the mortgage could be serviced by a single income; today, this is an impossibility.

PAP has been feeding half-truths and propaganda to Singaporean youths to mask its abject failure.

PAP says our standard of living has improved. Hmm .. Singaporeans so stupid meh?

When the cost of a roof over our head has increased by 500%, one would expect a corresponding increase in wages. This is where PAP’s incompetence is glaring – wages have not even increased by 250%.

In the days when the government was competent, EVERY Singaporean who had bought a HDB flat before 1990 could attest to their affordability. No need for “earn $1000 can afford HDB flat” propaganda.

On the issue of NS, there were no worries about job competition from foreigners after a 2-year stint in the army. We didn’t even consider it a sacrifice but our duty to Singapore because the government had taken good care of our needs. In today’s employment climate, PAP has implemented policies which have severely disadvantaged locals and allows NSFs to be screwed the moment they step into the workforce.

The world today is vastly different from 5 decades ago. But our sentimental government has continued to engage in propaganda to keep Singaporeans on our toes, as if war is imminent. This despite the fact that our neighbouring countries are so interconnected that any war will be a lose-lose situation. It’s not to say there is no need for defence but an unnecessarily long 2-year NS stint only serves PAP’s political objectives.

Singaporean youths should have realised by now that the PAP has not been able to adapt to changes which have taken place during the past 2 decades. It continues to control citizens as if social media did not exist.

I hope more youths will not confuse our history with PAP’s propaganda. So long as PAP is in charge, there will be no meaningful change. Whether it’s unaffordable housing, retirement shortfall, a senseless immigration policy, abuse of public resources, PAP-created increased cost of living, etc there will be only meaningless tweaks. If they speak with older Singaporeans and think a little deeper into THE cause of our problems, they will realise the culprit has always been PAP.

A government which really serves the people will simply allow its work to speak for itself. If PAP was serving Singaporeans, it would not demand full control of the mainstream media and perpetually engage in propaganda.

PAP’s only motive is to profit from the people and implement policies to ensure the success of Singapore as a corporation, not a country. It has been profiting from Singaporeans’ misery.

Singaporean youths must realise that they have been severely shortchanged by PAP and remember not vote for incompetence.

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14 Responses to 20150824 Singaporean youths should be wary of PAP’s profit motive, don’t vote for incompetence

  1. confused says:

    Philip, the increase is 400%.
    You are right, the more they are tweaking, it only means they have not been doing it very right. If the existing polices are really that good and right, one would expect minimum adjustments to some polices after implementation.

  2. phillip ang says:

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. Joker says:

    Singapore was heading the right way way back , when it set up the National Productivity Board and renamed it Singapore Productivity and Standards Board. It was Woody and later Pinkie who destroyed the whole movement and started feeding, at first MNCs and later SME with cheap foreign labour. There was no need for productivity or innovation and today we have 0 productivity and stagnant wages. After all the screw up they now trying to turn back the clock with all the Skills Future crap. Its their myopic polices which has screwed us up, just like the stop at two policy

    • phillip ang says:

      PAP will never acknowledge any mistake unless threatened by loss of power. Even then, it’s only lip service. Every PAP change is merely cosmetic, to impress foreigners only. We are left with only one solution to set things right.

  4. Andrew Ng says:

    In the old days, every govt dept was coordinated the ministers knew what were the investments
    in Singapore and what kind of skills was required, They knew how many professionals, engineers, accountants, doctors, etc. Now they don’t even know. If it was to be run as corporate entity well and good, then the youth should not have the fear which has been drum into us. Example of big corporations, General Electric, Microsoft, Apple even the chairman is no long around the show goes on, admitted that there were hiccups here and there but they emerged strong and doing well.

  5. William K says:

    This is not 1984 when Lee Hsien Loong first stood for office! This is 2015!! In 1984 if you earned $1000, it was a big thing. Heck if you earned $500 it was a big thing – my salary during the recession was $487. You could just about barely survive if you lead a dull existence. But enough of all that.

    This is 2015! How in the world can citizens in Singapore today survive or even be earning $1000? Has the PM and DPM been hallucinating? Thinking it’s perfectly alright to see people earning $1000 and below? I don’t care what job you do, be it a cleaner, road sweeper, garbage collector or security guard et al – a salary of $1000 for a full time (not part time) job in 2015 is a TRAVESTY.

    Oh, of course their fanboys and members will jump up and say – So how much do they want – S5000 a month, air-conditioned office, free transport and 3 paid meals a day? I think such remarks are highly distasteful and a profound insult. And don’t come with this progressive wage bullshit.

    What progress is there when wages for these persons was higher in 2002 before the floodgates opened? Your open door policy (some even say ‘open leg’) has allowed the influx of cheap foreign labour that caused not only wages to stagnate but regress. And you have the temerity to say you now have progressive wage. Howsabout we reduce the PM’s and Ministerial pay to $5000 a month and then introduce progressive wage for them – once they deliver promises and upgrade themselves, we’ll slowly let them earn their millions back?

    No working adult should be allowed to earn $1000 a month, certainly not cleaners, road sweepers and garbage collectors. Dirty work should be compensated properly. How much will a company lose if they gave their cleaners and the like for a start – a minimum basic pay of $1200 (the lowest figure for these jobs back in 2002)? We all pay for refuse collection in our utilities bill- why doesn’t PUB or whatever the agency it’s now called make sure that private operators they award contracts to, must pay garbage collectors a basic minimum pay starting at $1200? How much profits will they lose? This is a disgrace!

    It’s an insult to claim we are a 1st world economy, high GDP and trillions in reserves, if we have a fair number in society earning well below the poverty line in most other 1st world countries. The PM swelled with pride when he said he accomplished what he said in a previous NDR of a makeover of the Marina Bay waterfront. But exactly who enjoys all the spanking new stuff there, the amphitheatre, the Sands Hotel and Casino, the Gardens by the Bay, the Helix bridge and all the wonderfully eye catching stuff? Pray tell who? How many ordinary Singaporeans can afford to go to these places, eat at the restaurants (even the food-courts) and have the luxury of spending time there?
    Fair enough we want tourist dollars – but tourism is 1 thing – at the end of the day whatever you build is for the local populace – always. But which segment of the populace is reaping all of these? Yes, the rich, both local and the foreigners whom you seem to treat like royalty.

    Why must Govt agencies and their now so-called ‘private entities’ like Singhealth, SMRT, Singpower and Temasek all continue to rake in the profits, paying their top executives millions, while there are so many poor Singaporeans doing vital jobs earning a pittance? Hey wait a second – remember what Law and Foreign Minister K Shanmugam said – ‘There’s an increasing number of Singaporeans who are jealous of these people – they should go work harder instead of demanding hand-outs.’ Excuse me Minister, no 1 is jealous or wants to deprive the rich of a few more hundreds or thousands – what we want is protection from the Govt we elect – that we can earn the decent and correct wage for the jobs we do.

    Like what a Minister said in the past (might even be LKY) – we don’t give a person a fish and feed him for a day, we teach him to fish, so he can provide for himself for a lifetime. But there’s no point teaching, if you allow others to come and fish at our expense leaving no fish in the pond. And while the concept of giving the lowest in society a chance to buy a flat seems great – this proposal is not a rosy as it sounds. The public housing system is in a mess – who created this? The opposition? No it’s you – the Govt we elected all the while from independence. The current Govt is just like the LTA now. In the past, LTA would not just fix potholes on the road, they would redo or re-plaster and smoothen the whole road. And those days the their budget was smaller. Now despite the millions they earn from COEs and ERP, not to mention fines – what do they do now? Yup – just paper over cracks and patch them up – making it look like a tic-tac-toe board. Roads are not as smooth as before and some roads are extremely bumpy. That’s exactly the approach the Govt has taken to public housing – just paper over the cracks, with so many bumps. (more on this in future posts)

    In closing, it’s a crying shame and a disgrace that the PM and his deputy can talk of how easy it is for those earning $1000 and below to buy a flat – while completely ignoring that its their policies that causes these people to earn this meagre sum. Millionaires and aristocrats telling those at the very bottom – how well taken care off they are. Why don’t they give up their millions for a year, take a $1000 salary and buy a 2 room flat using just that sum? Walk the talk Prime Minister! And don’t forget to bring Ho Ching and your 2 sons along for the ride too, while you’re at it. I’m sure they’ll find it as easy as you made it out to be!

  6. William K says:

    What is more important (than GDP growth) is productivity growth. It has been negative over the last 3 years. Only sustained productivity growth will result in higher income and a higher standard of living in the long term.

    Real GDP has increased 40x since 1965 (according to PM) but real wages has (only) increased 6x since 1965 (according to DPM Tharman). Public housing prices have increased 33x since 1965. That is why Singaporeans do not have Swiss (1st World) standard of living. Productivity is too low so wages and therefore standard of living are also low.

    PAP has been using the wrong main KPI (GDP growth instead of productivity growth) over the last 50 years. That is why Singapore is 1st World in terms of per capita GDP but not in terms of wages, productivity and standard of living.

    Keep this in mind when you vote at the coming GE. Think carefully and vote wisely.

  7. phillip ang says:

    🙂 Thanks.

  8. William K says:

    The sooner Goh Chok Tong shut up his mouth the better. Singaporeans current problems and difficulties are all sowed during the years when Goh Chok Tong was the PM. Afraid to push back on the influences of Lee Kuan Yew he sanctioned Ministers pay to shoot up into the millions. He sanctioned the opening up of Singapore to foreigners. I still remembered my business friends who were so overjoyed by the changes in government polices which allowed him to liberally import all types of workers – from clerks to lawyers, from low to high level executives. They were so effusive in praising Goh Chok Tong.

    He also opened up the CPF for share investments as he wanted Singaporeans to be a share owning nation besides a home owning nation. Official figures from the CPF showed that Singaporeans lost $billions in their CPF share investments.

    What happen to his Swiss Standard of Living. What happen to his ambition for Singapore to win the World Cup ? All hot airs. He was living in dream land and is still living in dream land. He cannot be more wrong if he thinks that Singaporeans like and respect him. Far from it. He is the second most hated person in Singapore besides Lee Kuan Yew.

    • phillip ang says:

      Goh has yet to come down from his ivory tower since leaving NOL. Hope Singaporeans are wise enough to send him packing on 9/11.

  9. William K says:

    PAP=Party against People

    1. Infrastructure not ready for huge influx of foreigners, train stoppages, Breakdown of MRT

    2. Lack of transparency about how Temasek and GIC are doing

    3. Losing the Singaporean core

    4. AGO report on PA’s grassroots organizations

    5. Not returning the people’s savings as promised

    6. PMETs losing jobs and replaced by foreigners with fake or half-past-six degrees, Difficulty of Locals Finding Good Jobs, Low Wages

    7. Shortage of hospital beds and high medical cost

    8. AIM saga

    9. Spending billions to provide scholarships to foreigners, University Space for Locals

    10. Signing of CECA

    11. Housing Shortage, Prices of Home

    12. Road Congestions

  10. Dr. Zam says:


    1) PMETs working as taxi drivers and security guards
    2) MRT trains breaking down frequently and packed liked sardines during peak hours
    3) Senior citizens unable to retire because their life savings tied up in CPF
    4) Bright students unable to secure a place in University
    5) Elderly and frail have to collect card boards and tin cans, barely earning enough for 3 meals
    6) Every other day somebody commits suicide because of financial problems


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