20150830 Singaporeans should vote for PAP … to retire

As PAP continues to spin more half-truths using state-controlled media, it should be obvious to Singaporeans that PAP has no intention of resolving our issues.

PAP’s ill-conceived policies have taken a toll on ordinary citizens and since we really NEED change, there is no choice but to support opposition parties. Any party.

Who should vote against PAP?

1 Singaporeans who own a HDB 99-year lease

Land in Singapore belongs to every citizen but land cost forms about 60% of new HDB units sold to citizens. (read other posts by Leong Sze Hian)

HDB Annual Report pg 34

In FY 2013/2014, HDB land cost amounted to $7,070,000,000 and $5,290,000,000 in the preceding year. The total humongous amount of $12.36 BILLION was collectively paid by HDB buyers. Assuming HDB had constructed 60,000 units after ‘paying’ $12.36 BILLION for 2 years, each buyer had paid $206,000 ($12.36 billion divide by 60,000 units) for land which still belongs to HDB!

Whichever figure one uses for computation, land cost features prominently and is passed down to HDB buyers. It is also an arbitrary figure.

But average land cost paid is a meaningless figure because ‘lessees’ (we are not owners) of smaller units could not have paid this amount. Since 2- and 3-roomers obviously paid much less, most of the land cost is borne by lessees of bigger units, ie 5-roomers and DBSS lessees could have paid up to $300,000. HDB should clarify if this figure is incorrect.

PAP should not continue to price in land cost at such an exorbitant amount because it enslaves ordinary citizens to 30-year mortgages. Why should state land which:
– belongs to every citizen
– sold to citizens at high prices
– the money channeled into GIC for investment
– but flats reverting to HDB after 99 years?

Every citizen pays taxes and divorcees, single parents, singles, etc who require public housing should not be denied one.

Public housing can be made really affordable with a new 5-room unit costing $200,000 at most, which still includes a small percentage of land cost. PAP is able to profit from citizens because it controls Parliament. PAP’s majority must be removed to make HDB truly affordable. We should not allow PAP do dictate the terms of public housing from the comfort of their posh homes.

2 CPF members

It is a fact that PAP does not have any intention, due to having insufficient funds, to return us OUR CPF at 55.

It should be obvious to anyone following this issue that PAP is unable to return the entire $79 billion belonging to CPF members aged 55 and above. No prizes for guessing what will happen.

PAP must come clean because CPF monies do not belong to PAP. It appears the only way to get meaningful answers is boot out PAP and open up GIC’s books.

SDP’s video on CPF (please share)

3 Public transport commuters

Our public transport system simply cannot cope during peak hours because it was not designed for even a much lower population. The number of buses can be increased but without an increase in road capacity, the chronic issue of bus bunching will remain unresolved. Adding more buses onto our roads only means bus bunching will worsen.

Train breakdowns have also been occurring regularly without an end in sight.

PAP has already made up its mind to increase the population to 6.9 million and beyond. It has already planned to inconvenience commuters with more breakdowns and we must put a stop to such stupidity.

4 Civil servants

Civil servants should vote against the politicisation of the civil service and stand up for their own interest. Dedicated civil servants have no way to rise to the top because our system is not based on meritocracy; it is based purely on academic results and a willingness to kowtow to the powers that be. Experience has little to no value in PAP ‘meritocratic’ system because all a scholar needs is a PAP parachute to land any top jobs in government organisations or even GLCs.

Civil servants have a responsibility to do what is ‘right’ because if they don’t, it is only a matter of time the system will collapse on itself. They should also take note that the real paymaster of the civil service is not PAP.

They should vote against PAP to discard a system which ends in a lose-lose situation for civil servants and citizens, one which only benefits PAP and its affiliates.

5 Hawkers

The livelihood of Singaporean hawkers have been destroyed by PAP. As the biggest landowner in Singapore, PAP naturally prefers sky-high rental although rental eats into most of a hawker’s profit.

Instead of helping hawkers lower rental cost, PAP reduces wages by bringing in foreigners to replace our hawkers. Low Singapore wages are in fact very high relative to Third World wages.

Hawkers are self-employed, contribute to their own CPF, work very long hours and deserve all the profits from their business. Unfortunately, PAP does not seem to share this view and wants to make all the profits for itself.

Unlike foreigners, local hawkers are faced with a very high cost of living. After decades, many have been forced out of the business for good by PAP’s policies.

6 Graduates/undergraduates

Many graduates should have seen with their own eyes an unbelievable number of foreigners in all the different industries, especially IT and banking.

The cost of seeing a foreigner through uni is peanuts when compared with a Singaporean. To PAP, there is essentially no difference – a degree is a degree, even fake ones.

PAP has been allowing foreigners into Singapore to work not only in the private but public sector as well. Recall the case of IDA employee, Nisha Padmanabhan, Indian national turned new citizen. IDA defended her despite the use of a fake MBA in her job application and she has remained IDA’s employee till today. How many ‘Nishas’ are employed by our government, depriving local graduates of the chance of employment?

Undergraduates who are above 21 should be wary of our discriminatory policies because they will be faced with the same issues. PAP should not be trusted.

7 Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are self-employed but the control of their business lies in PAP’s hands through its controlling stakes in Comfort-Delgro and SMRT. PAP is also able to tweak legislations in favour of its business interest, eg fare adjustments.

In our super high cost environment, the earnings of a taxi driver is nothing to shout about. After setting aside similar CPF contributions, it’s a struggle to raise a family on the single income of a taxi driver. Many Singaporeans are also forced to drive taxis as a last resort after being retrenched, their jobs taken over by FTs.

8 New citizens

New citizens should be mindful that their honeymoon period may be over soon. Once they have become not so new citizens, they will also face the same discriminatory policies favouring foreigners. Should the fate of true blue Singaporeans befall them, they may turn to PAP MPs and soon realise the true meaning of ‘jiak-liao-bee’.

9 Singaporeans

As a fellow citizen, it pains me to see our elderly such as an 81-year old hunchbacked, food court cleaner or an 83-year old toilet cleaner toiling probably till their last breath. This must not be acceptable to any right minded citizens in a supposedly very wealthy country.

Tan Chuan Jin, paper general and minister who used to be respected, has proven himself to be as full of rubbish as most of his colleagues. Instead of looking at the issue of elderly cardboard collectors in the eye, Tan claimed that some of them picked cardboards “as a form of exercise”. Singaporeans should retire all these million-dollar ministers who are out of touch with reality.

Most of us who live in public housing should be aware there are too many issues left on the back burner for a long time by our profit-at-all-costs PAP. PAP is the cause of ALL our issues because it monopolises state resources and has full control over legislations.

Why bother to talk about the next 50 years of Singapore’s existence when our leader has invited foreigners to overrun OUR country, diluting our national identity while blatantly telling half-truths such as our ability to maintain a Singaporean core?

As evidenced by his NDR speech, PM Lee never had any solution besides forcing us to accept PAP’s mindless immigration policy and dishing out a few peanuts in an attempt to placate lower income citizens.

PM Lee: “Closing the doors to foreign workers would tank the economy.” It appears he does not even comprehend the issue and prefers to twist it in order to fear monger the people, just like his father used to. Singaporeans have all the while accepted that the our door has to be left ajar and the issue has always been PAP removing all door hinges and rolling out the red carpet for foreigners.

Pretending to have understood the issue, PM Lee now lectures us on trade-offs involving some pain. He is basically insulting his own intelligence.

Singaporeans would do well to remember that ‘aristocrat’ Lee has been out of touch even with his father mentoring him for 7 years. PM Lee: “I owe it to you to account to you for my decisions, for doing what I did.” Since he wants to be held accountable, Singaporeans should not miss this opportunity on 9/11.

From the chart above, it is clear that under Lee’s leadershit, he singlehandedly caused public housing prices to skyrocket. Ordinary citizens who have bought their flats have had to fork out additional hundreds of dollars monthly and are enslaved to their mortgages for 30 years. They should hold Lee to account since he has insisted on it.

Likewise for the thousands of Singaporeans who have been retrenched due to Lee’s ‘foreigners first’ policy. And not forgetting graduates who have to spend additional tens of thousand$ to study at overseas unis because of PAP’s all expenses paid invitation to foreigners, who speak only basic English, to study at our public unis.

All who have been adversely affected must hold PM Lee accountable for his actions on 11 September 2015.

PAP has been running Singapore on a for-profit basis without planning for the well being of Singaporeans. It has equated its world record of blunders with success which is clearly a joke at our expense.

Despite his 14-year OJT under Goh Chok Tong and being hand held by his father for 21 years, PM Lee clearly has no idea how to run a country:
Fact 1: Under PM Lee’s leadership, Singapore took in 450,000 new PRs who mostly made our country their hotel.
Fact 2: Singapore took in 175,000 new citizens, despite the lack of adequate infrastructure.

Should Singaporeans support PAP which clearly isn’t bothered about the well-being of citizens? It would be wise to vote for PAP’s retirement.


When PAP says ‘population growth has slowed’, it is actually with reference to extremely high growth years, especially 2007, 2008 and 2009 when it approved 202,000 new PRs. PAP still wants to grow the population to grow the economy.


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  1. WhatTheFishIsThis says:

    My same thoughts, exactly. Thank you for the great article !!

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