20150828 Understanding how PAP’s insane population policy will doom our children’s future

Singaporeans should not blindly accept every bit of propaganda fed by PAP. PAP’s economic miracle is all related to an insane population policy which has caused a lot of unnecessary stress and suffering for the people.

Be it housing, retirement, education, healthcare, transportation, etc all our issues cannot be resolved as long as PAP continues to mindlessly import foreigners and justifying the trade-offs using propaganda. It is not even bothered about our social fabric is being torn apart so long as it achieves its GDP objective.

Singaporeans are right to suspect the culprit who started all our troubles – Goh Chok Tong.

When Goh became PM, the number of PRs more than doubled from 112,000 to 287,000 (‘A’). It wasn’t necessary to increase PRs by 175,000 to have a wider selection of new citizens averaging only 8,200 annually; the pool of 112,000 PRs (13 times) would have been sufficient.

Since PRs enjoy certain subsidies, compliments of taxpayers, PAP was therefore helping foreigners at our expense.

Table shows our population density almost doubling from 1990.

Before Goh stepped down, the number of PRs tripled and foreigners increased by more than 400,000. The additional headcount increased economic activity which caused a spike in housing prices and our cost of living. To Goh and the PAP, Singapore was a success story and the stratospheric GDP justified all PAP-created issues and obscene ministerial salaries.

After Lee Hsien Loong took over Goh, he merely copied and pasted Goh’s shortcut to economic growth. Like Goh, Lee has been totally reliant on unlimited cheap foreign labour, ie Lee doubled the number of foreigners to 1.6 million since taking office. PAP tells us that we need to have as many foreigners as possible for our benefit.

Lee loves foreigners because they help him achieve his GDP targets and to make them feel more at home, he has even said that our special place “belongs to all of us”.

Lee quickly increased the number of new citizens by 4,000 to above 10,000 annually, ostensibly to increase our low TFR. Four years later, Lee doubled new citizens to 20,000 since (see chart above). Most Singaporeans believe Lee needed the votes of new citizens to stay in power. Left unchecked, PAP will likely increase this to perhaps 30,000, probably more.

But does our population policy boost fertility rates? According to Lee’s father, the answer is ‘no’.

LKY: “Finally, empirical evidence tells us that immigrants do not boost our fertility rates because they have as few children as Singaporeans do. They replace the young adults that we are short of, but do not have enough children to replace themselves…..”.

The PAP should cease lying to the people and reduce the rate of foreigner import for political reasons.

Lee achieved a record on the PR front – he welcomed 79,000 foreigners, mostly from less developed countries, in a single year. Using such a ridiculously high intake as a yardstick, PAP subsequently claims the rate of foreigner growth has slowed.

The combined effort of Goh and Lee increased the NET number of PRs by more than 420,000 from 1990 to 2014 (see table above). If the objective of having more than half a million PRs is to create a pool of potential new citizens to select from, maintaining 200,000 PRs or 10 times the number of new citizens would have been sufficient. PAP is not bothered about the additional 300,000 foreigners being a drain on our limited resources.

Worse, PAP did not even consult Parliament. It is clear that PAP’s objective is to offer some subsidies/grants to help foreigners offset the high cost of living. Remove their PRs status and many would have headed home.

Singapore PR = tissue paper?

PAP has been concealing tonnes of information from the public to prevent scrutiny of its policies. It is a fact that an annual average of 10,000 PRs leave Singapore permanently. Recent figures have also confirmed this, eg from 2012 to 2013, PRs decreased by 2,000 despite an intake of 30,000 new PRs.

In the table above, the number of PRs is shown to have increased by only 246,000 (533,000 – 287,000).

The chart above shows 460,000 new PRs and 116,000 new citizens. Taking into account about 90% of new citizens, or 104,000, come from the current stock of PRs, the net increase should be 356,000 (460,000 – 104,000). There is a discrepancy – 110,000 PRs are missing.

PAP should explain to parliament the ‘disappearance’ of some 110,000 PRs.from 2000 to 2009. Did an annual average of about 12,000 PRs book a one way ticket to the Bermuda Triangle?

PAP cannot be unaware of the large number of PRs who have left Singapore for good. It appears that our PR is being treated like a piece of tissue paper, no?

PAP long-term = short term

Hundreds of thousands of PRs are not here for the long-term as PAP has insisted and this has already been confirmed by our statistics. Another related issue is hundreds of thousands of PRs have already left for good but their CPF accounts continue to be managed by CPF Board, earning interest rates higher than those offered in their home country.

Why is PAP looking after the interest of foreigners?

When PAP shoved the PWP down our throats, it was again to employ its growth shortcut. Without increasing our population at a historically insane rate of about 100,000 per year before 2014, comprising 80% foreigners (PRs and new citizens included), demand for property would have collapsed along with our GDP. PAP would then have no justification to increase its own salaries as well as those in the civil service.

When PM Lee says “Productivity growth only way forward to ensure better life”, he was merely stating the OBVIOUS. And he has just realised this because PAP has been growing our economy by increasing the population, ie since Goh became PM, our population has increased by 2.5 million. Lee had thought our economy could grow without productivity improvements?

That PAP has been sleeping should also be obvious to every Singaporean by now. The ICA chart shows PAP importing 70,000 new citizens and 260,000 new PRs from 2006 to 2009. Including 2010 figures, PAP imported about 90,000 new citizens and 290,000 PRs from 2006 to 2010. Every one of them would want to be a part of PAP’s HDB ASS-et enhancement scheme as they will be able to retire comfortably back home after throwing away their pieces of tissue paper.

But guess how many HDB units did PAP plan for? 29,935 HDB units!


What about tens of thousands of newly-married Singaporean couples who wanted to help increase our TFR and other citizens who recently met HDB’s criteria for application?

Prices of public housing naturally shot up and PAP just can’t simply say ‘oops, sorry’ when citizens are now committing additional hundreds of dollars in monthly mortgage installments. To add insult to injury, PAP says it is indispensable and the only way forward is to continue growing the population at the same rate, ie according to the PWP.

If this had happened in Japan in the good old days, the PAP would have been required to do the ‘right thing’ by calling a press conference and committing hara-kiri after taking a deep bow in front of those who had paid dearly for its mistakes.

To sum up:

PAP knows no other way to generate economic growth besides increasing the population. Singapore’s population has grown by 2.5 million since Goh Chok Tong became PM.

PM Lee has recently admitted that “productivity is very tough to do” because he and his predecessor have been doing it the non-productivity way for 25 years! This has been confirmed by our statistics.

When PAP keeps increasing the foreigner population, Singaporeans will ultimately suffer. A substantial amount of our budget is allocated to providing grants and the construction of additional infrastructure to meet their demand. Worse, PAP policies discriminate against locals, resulting in unnecessary retrenchments and graduates being forced to become taxi drivers, etc.

Singaporeans have paid a very high price for PAP’s insane population policy. PAP only began to ‘look after’ our well-being after it had lost its grip on power in 2011.

Like its ‘Stop At Two’ policy, PAP’s population policy is an epic failure which it again doesn’t even want to acknowledge. By pushing through the PWP, PAP is telling Singaporeans it intends to repeat the same mistake, never mind what we think. Without a doubt, PAP is certain to doom our children’s future.

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2 Responses to 20150828 Understanding how PAP’s insane population policy will doom our children’s future

  1. LANLAN says:

    Come 2020 vote out pappies. Make the sky blue all over this land. Long live WORKERS PARTY

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