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20150813 2015 National Day Message – More half-truths, rewriting of the Singapore pledge by PM Lee

Instead of letting Lee Kuan Yew rest in peace, PAP prefers to continue exploiting a dead man’s ‘achievements’. PM Lee’s National Day Message 2015 was again about the indispensability of LKY and PAP’s version of Singapore history, not reality. Perhaps … Continue reading

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20150810 Singaporeans should vote to regain control of our lives, reject PAP

Yesterday was our 50th National Day and I couldn’t find any reason for ordinary Singaporeans to be celebrating. Our country has been going to the dogs since the 80’s when Lee Kuan Yew retired all our old guards except himself. … Continue reading

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20150808 Singaporean youth will change an incompetent government, LKY wrong

After PAP won the 2006 parliamentary elections, Lee Kuan Yew arrogantly declared: “Please do not assume that your can change governments. Young people don’t understand this.” LKY’s message was directed at our youths and he thought he could disempower them … Continue reading

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20150806 Population White Paper – the whole truth and nothing but … PAP’s half-truths

PAP has always been a one trick pony – it has been creating paper wealth by increasing the population density. Rest assured, the one-trick pony will need to increase the population beyond 6.9 million. Soon. From 1990 to 2000, PAP … Continue reading

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20150803 Singaporeans do not need to fear our PAP servants anymore

(Please share this post if it convinces you there is no need to fear PAP) Dear Singaporeans who still fear PAP Shortly before GE 2011, PM Lee proclaimed “We are servants of the people”. If PAP is really “servants of … Continue reading

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