20150818 PAP’s only promise – more screw ups in Singapore Inc

The PAP has been running our country as Singapore Inc for decades. .

It has be devoting massive public resources to further its business interests, the same resources which if had been used to serve citizens, would have prevented epic screw ups in housing, healthcare, education and retirement. Without proper resources, there could be no proper planning.

Singaporeans had better wake up to PAP’s antics; it really has no intention to serve.

PAP does not need to conceal its abuse of public resources as is evident by the ‘Sino-Singapore Tian Eco-City’ project, a government-to-government project. PM Lee is the CEO of Singapore Inc and he has given the green light to involve the MND and the following departments:


With public resources being abused, no wonder PAP needs public feedback to do its job!

PAP did not consult taxpayers who would never have agreed to statutory boards functioning as business consultants. This is common sense. PAP decided what was right, never mind if the shortage of HDB staff is related to the issues of poor workmanship and poor design of all recent DBSS projects, especially Pasir Ris One. Perhaps all HDB QC staff have been stationed in Tianjin?

Why did PUB use our limited resources to build an eco-city in another country when it should have used its expertise to prevent multi-million dollar losses resulting from the once-in-fifty-years flood? Did NEA’s role in Tianjin resulted in a reduction in manpower critical to the prevention of more than 10,000 rat burrows found around the island in 2014?

More rats in your area? Could be NEA’s fault” (TOC)
TOC, Jan 2015

Tax dollars have also been used to set up ‘Eco-City Project Office’ under the auspices of MND to manage the Tianjin Eco-City Project. With too many division/departments, it is likely that MND had overlooked HDB’s poor/no planning which caused public housing to be unaffordable till today.


Public resources must not be used to assist foreign governments to build townships and government-linked companies to make money. This comes at a huge expense to citizens.

As more public servants who are involved in such projects gain experience, they will ultimately join the pseudo-private sector, ie government-linked companies. The losers are always Singaporeans.

The Chinese government is of course not stupid and would have used PAP’s profitable ventures as a bargaining chip. It’s likely that, in return, PAP sacrifices our well-being by granting Chinese citizens easy access to jobs and lucrative businesses in Singapore. It is true that PAP is pro-foreigner – PM Lee has already proven to be one on many occasions.

There is another case of abuse which probably involves more public servants and tax dollars, ie building a new Indian city 10 times the size of Singapore.

Besides assisting mostly government-linked companies, Temasek Holdings and GIC have invested tens of billions of our reserves in Indian companies. So what’s in it for the Indian government?

It appears the Indian government has used Singapore Inc’s business ventures to press for the signing of CECA which grants guaranteed?/easy entry and stay for up to one year to 127 kinds of Indian professionals. Soon, public hospitals will be filled flooded with Indian nurses whose Third World wages will depress those of our hardworking local nurses.

The real incentive for civil servants is no longer public sector job security but ultimately being transferred to PAP’s pseudo-private sector set up using public funds. Perm secs, CEOs of statutory boards, paper generals, etc who are loyal to PAP will be rewarded with directorships which is why they have no incentive to serve the public. Even the entire planning division of HDB was corporatised with the pay structure aligned with the private sector. However, accountability will always remain an issue.

The hollowing out of our country has been worsening because of PAP’s objective is to profit as much as possible from Singapore Inc. Coupled with flawed policies which have led to a brain drain, we now understand why there will be NO end to PAP screw ups.

As the parliamentary elections near, PAP will promise anything under the sun just to stay in power. But voters should be wary because there’s no way for PAP to deliver since most of our public resources have been devoted to furthering its business interests. With incentives in its pseudo-private sector, ie government-linked companies, the public service will never be able to retain competent civil servants.

Locals’ jobs will be under increasing threat from FTs. As we head towards a 6 million population in the next 5 years, overcrowding will worsen and there will be more frequent MRT breakdowns. Without a negative external event, housing prices will be supported by PAP’s insane immigration policy and cost of living issues will not be addressed.

Be wary of voting for PAP because, under the Singapore Inc model, the only promise it can deliver is more good years screw ups.

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