20150816 ST survey: 80% of voters think PAP committing harakiri in GE 2015

GE 2015 will likely be held next month to minimise PAP’s incompetence making headline news. The Ass Tee (ST), Singapore’s leading online media, conducted a second interview with the same 5 ordinary Singaporeans at a coffee shop to feel the pulse of voters before GE 2015. They are:

– Mr Bo Tuck Chek, 4-decade job hopper
– Mr Muthu s/o Pandai, manager
– Mr Paul Lampard (Eurasian), grassroots leader, ex-cop and town council contractor
– Mr Chin Buay Song, taxi driver (retrenched IT manager)
– Mr Goyang Bin Kaki, delivery driver (retrenched supervisor)

Ass Tee: Since our last survey, the PAP propaganda machine has gone into overdrive with the mainstream media painting a similar picture of Aljuneid GRC before it was lost. How do you think PAP will perform in GE 2015?

Pandai: PAP is fearful and uncertain about its future because many flawed policies have affected an increasingly large number of voters since GE 2011. I think this time they mati.

Lampard: I don’t think so because it has rolled out the PGP which has been well received and our old folks are very happy about it. Many also feel grateful to Mr Lee Kuan Yew and PAP will win lots of sympathy votes. SG 50 celebrations and goodies, although cheapskate, will translate into more votes for PAP.

Chin: I think this is only Lampard’s imagination. Many elderly Singaporeans tell me the PGP is only a wayang, distributing taxpayers’ money to taxpayers to gain support. Everyone knows that after winning an election, PAP will find ways to take back $10 for every $1 dollar given. As for sympathy votes, Lampard is confused – more than a million people paid their final respects to LKY doesn’t mean they all support PAP.

Bo: Aiyah, I tell you all PAP will kena jialat jialat OK. You see hor, more and more PAP MPs will resign because they know their time is up. The Straits Times Review say got 3 MPs from Ang Mo Kio, 3 from Bishan Toa Payoh (BTP) and 4 from other GRC. Even a good MP like Interjit want to leave, you tell me PAP got no problem I cannot believe. Soli, before I kena sue, change to States Times Review, not Straits Times la.

Chin: Even Minister Lui abruptly resigned before elections and does not want to wait for voters to sack him unlike those ministers from Aljuneid. Smart guy this admiral Lui. Actually the whole PAP team from BTP should have resigned, especially Josephine Teo who only knows how to push the blame for train breakdowns to commuters. This brainless MP said: “No matter how good our MRT system is, if every commuter CHOOSES to board and travel at the same time, this is very difficult for our MRT system to cope.”

Bo: Wa lau eh. Like that she mean people must wait for MRT not to be crowded then go to work and go home only when MRT can cope? She should tell MOM to let worker choose the time to go to work and go home. So our hospital not enough bed blame Singapolean, all choose to get sick at the same time meh? Maybe she think accident victim also choose to kena accident at the same time! Even I not crever, I think she bigger idiot than me. Ha ha.

Ass Tee: Now, what do you think about the new candidates recently unveiled by PM Lee?

AMK GRC candidates
Image source: TOC

Pandai: PAP team is so weak that it appears to be committing harakiri. You can see the most respected MP Inderjit has resigned and PM Lee is left with all the weaklings.

Gan Thiam Poh from Pasir Ris has joined PM Lee but this guy can’t even answer simple questions on public transport and tried to smoke his way through. It seems Gan could have been inarticulate Desmond Lim’s teacher. Listen to audio recording here and watch the video here.

Before GE 2011, Gan was reported to have worked “for $2.50 an hour” as a low-paid grassroots volunteer for 15 years. I can’t understand why PAP resorted to sensationalism because everyone knew Gan was also a senior VP at government-linked DBS bank since 2002.

Bo: OK. I know one MP is Intan because she become famous after help to apply PR for China man who con a Singapolean old lady $40 million right? Then she pai-seh for a few weeks keep hiding from public. She oso got say dono him but how come got photo take together? Some more China cheat oso take photo with our PM!

Image source: TOC

Chin: Intan also claimed Yang Yin did “not hold any position” in the grassroots but resigned from his position on 9 Sep. Got no position but can resign from a position? She must be one hell of a blur sotong and I think Intan will be a huge liability to PM Lee. I think Pandai is right – PAP committing harakiri with Intan in AMK GRC. If PM Lee goes, all goes.

Lampard: You all cannot be so sure PAP will lose. Politics is dirty and you don’t know what PM has up his sleeve. Maybe last minute government says will return all CPF at 55? Or increase the cooling off day to cooling off week and allow only PAP-friendly news in the mainstream media?

Chin: Hey, don’t forget the asshole doctor, Koh Poh Koon, who renamed himself Son of Punggol but still lost to a female WP candidate. If he was “his own man” as claimed, then why is he running away from a woman and hide in Ang Mo Kio GRC now? Ha ha seems like he’s wearing a skirt and can’t even call himself Son of Ang Mo Kio now. What about pussy of AMK! Ha ha.

Ass Tee: What about ex PM Goh? Will he help PAP win in Marine Parade now that Nicole Seah is no longer with the Nicole Seah Party?

Lampard: I am 100% sure ESM Goh will win. I can tell by his Facebook comments – not a single negative comment and I conclude 100% residents in his GRC love him. If he wasn’t a great man, PAP could not have won with TPL as team mate.

Pandai: This guy they don’t call him Woody for nothing. Since he became PM, the number of foreigners has increased by 1,800,000 although we probably need less than half. Despite epic screw ups, he was given the title Emeritus Senior Minister! ESM stands for many very unflattering names. Ha ha.

Chin: This guy has never been in the private sector for even one day. He treated Singapore as a corporation, lowered costs by depressing wages so that foreign companies would invest in Singapore. Prohibitive rental didn’t matter because the government made tonnes of money as the biggest landlord, not forgetting increased stamp duties, increased GST and taxes from real estate agents, etc. His simplistic economic model was a failure he mistook for success. After 2 decades, PAP can’t resolve all the wooden problems even if it wants to.

Goyang: Goh is 74 years old and say PM Lee ask him tolong in GE. How come PAP got no more talent must ask an old man to help?

Chin: PAP says got succession planning but Goh has been an MP for 39 years. Goh is a dinosaur with ideas from last century which will not work in the internet age. Go look at his FB to confirm what I am saying. Goh: “ Your roots and mine are sunk here. Therefore, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the coming elections.” How delusional can Goh be when his roots are sunk into a guarded bungalow in Bukit Timah while his constituents are living in 40-year old 3-room flats unrenovated since day 1.

Of course Goh failed to mention the fact that his constituents have also contributed to the millions in his annual pay package for decades.

Pandai: To confirm Woody’s mindset is still stuck in the last century, he has continued to use LKY’s fear mongering tactics and has warned against falling back from First to Third World. He does not seem to know we are already there! I mean if you pay Third World wages, how to get First World standard? Just observe how public buses and heavy vehicles are driven as if the drivers were in India or China. And don’t expect First World cleanliness at hawker centres and food courts because companies are paying Third World wages. It’s unfair to expect a higher standard from local cleaners while paying them peanuts.

Ass Tee: OK, before we end this interview, anything to add?

Chin: PAP candidates all talk Khawk sing song only. In reality they are all pussies hiding behind ministers and our failed GRC system. PAP decided Ong Ye Kung was ministerial calibre and transferred him to Sembawang because he will likely lose in Aljuneid. But if Ong can’t even win a single election without any support from ministers, how fit is he to be a minister?

Assuming Ong is really from PAP’s A Team, then PAP supporters in Aljuneid must realise they have been shortchanged with PAP’s B Team.

Ass Tee: OK, so how many of you think PAP will lose big time in this GE, keechiu?
(All except Lampard raise their hands.)

Ass Tee: The conclusion I have is 80% believe PAP’s ‘dinosaur’ strategy will result in huge election losses, akin to committing harakiri. Thank you for your time and I’ll contact you guys should Ass Tee require your assistance in future.

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4 Responses to 20150816 ST survey: 80% of voters think PAP committing harakiri in GE 2015

  1. James says:

    Hahaha, excellent survey!!

  2. phillip ang says:


  3. The says:

    /// more than a million people paid their final respects to LKY doesn’t mean they all support PAP. ///

    More than 4 million people DID NOT pay their final respects……

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