20150819 Pasir Ris GRC voters should rejoice, don’t miss the chance to slap PAP really hard

I do not understand why Pasir Ris GRC voters should feel cheated with SDA contesting in my GRC. To me, that’s a blessing in disguise.

We can’t have everything we want in life and should make use of the current situation to our advantage, ie give PAP a well-deserved slap for screwing up our lives for decades. Desmond and his SDA team mates are not going away anytime soon so we might as well acknowledge the reality and make the best of it. We should stop ‘waiting for durians to drop’.

The number of opposition candidates is limited and a deal has been struck by opposition parties to avoid a 3-corner fight which is really in our best interest. Of course voters would want to have the strongest opposition team but …

If SDA isn’t contesting in my GRC, voters in other GRCs would have reacted as negatively as those in Pasir Ris. What then? It is unproductive to keep hoping for a much stronger opposition team to miraculously appear.

What do voters want? Do we want change or just someone who could articulate better than Desmond?

It appears that many aren’t sure of what we really want and have been distracted by Tin Pei Ling’s equal. I’m not. The way I see it, I will not allow a single candidate from SDA, Desmond, to distract me from my objective to ‘help’ PAP improve citizens’ well-being.

By voting for SDA (Desmond), it will be a slap in PAP’s face. The more votes SDA receives, the harder we will be slapping PAP. Voters in other GRCs do not have this opportunity to cause PAP to lose so much face. I mean, Desmond is no ordinary opposition member and can you imagine what a laughing stock PAP will be if it loses to SDA? What happens if SDA’s youtube video go REALLY viral, say, 50 million views, after PAP has been booted out of Pasir Ris GRC?

Netizens have also been speculating that Desmond is a PAP mole and he had made himself look foolish to win votes for PAP. If this is true, then all the more voters should vote SDA into Parliament as this will ensure the loss of 6 seats for PAP.

Pasir Ris GRC voters would do well not to play into the hands of those who discredit opposition parties as their objective is to garner more support for PAP.

PAP has been neither accountable nor transparent and this is where the danger lies – nobody knows what’s really happening within the government. It is wrong for PAP to force citizens to live with its import of mostly foreign trash, wrong to abuse public resources for its political benefit, wrong to control the media and use hundreds of millions in tax dollars to engage in propaganda, wrong to conceal information which should be in the public domain, wrong to withhold our CPF until we’re dead, etc. It is the wrong party to government Singapore.

I hope Pasir Ris GRC voters will not continue to ignore all that’s been wrong with our government. A belated revamp is needed this GE before it’s too late.

This is a golden opportunity for Pasir Ris GRC voters to teach PAP a lesson since it has not repented after its loss of Aljuneid GRC. Together we can slap PAP so hard that its hearing and our well being will simultaneously begin to improve. Some of us may also want to slap DPM Teo to teach him not to be rude – don’t disturb an ‘orh luak’ lover during her meal.

Source: TOC
Teo, PAP First Asst Secretary General

There is unlikely to be another Desmond Lim in future and Pasir Ris GRC voters will kick themselves if they miss the chance to slap PAP really hard.

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3 Responses to 20150819 Pasir Ris GRC voters should rejoice, don’t miss the chance to slap PAP really hard

  1. batman2020 says:

    Haha.. this is so funny … but I like

    I am in Pasir Ris too … thanks for making up my mind for me …

    Everyone has arse ….hehehe

    I am sure SDA wont lose its deposit ….

  2. James Wong James Wisely says:

    50 years of nation enslvaery had put us in to this bad shape. We need to kick out the entite PAP to liberates us from their cold blooded enslavement.

    In the olden days PAP = Pay And Pay…

    In todays context…PAP = POOR ALSO PAY…

    We had paid more than enough.

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