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President Milo Gao Kosong still acting dumb on state reserves?

The president of Singapore is supposed to act as a guardian for our reserves. Tens of billions – excluding investment losses – must have left our reserves for mega projects such as Tuas mega port, Changi Terminal 5, relocation of Paya … Continue reading

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Allegations of CPF Board mismanaging members’ retirement savings cannot be addressed with propaganda

I refer to “Are CPF funds mismanaged?” on The government could possibly be responding to my earlier post in May 2016 when it said: My post which was shared about 1000 times. According to “Factually”: – “To put the record straight, … Continue reading

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Scrutinise CPF accrued interest and you will understand the CPF scam

CPF accrued interest is pure nonsense which many Singaporeans have yet to wake up to. Using the illustration below will convince even idiots that CPF has always been a scam: 30-year old Lim Ah Kow had inherited $300,000 in CPF from … Continue reading

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Hundreds of million$ in CPF interest earnings not credited to CPF members?

  According to MAS, the “interest credited to members” has always been hundreds of million$ lower then “interest earnings from investments”. (2016/2017 Statistical Annex pg 15) In 2012, $356 million was not returned to CPF members and this amount more than doubled to … Continue reading

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President Halimah needs to moonlight as Milo promoter, grossly underpaid

PAP should review and increase the president’s salary as she has become a national embarrassment, ie becomes promoter for Milo. When compared with same-race president Nathan, President Halimah appears to be grossly underpaid. Both jagas of our reserves, CPF balance … Continue reading

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MOH-approved GP consultation fee $20 but polyclinic’s $44.20?

PAP has been inflating healthcare cost in order to impress Singaporeans that a bigger subsidy/grant has been given. For example, polyclinic consultation fee was increased to $44.20 last year and with the fixed ‘payable amount’ for adults at $12.50, patients receive a subsidy of $31.70/72%. … Continue reading

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Non-existent GST subsidy helps PAP gain some political mileage

Singaporeans have been fooled by PAP for decades. One of the ways is through various non-existent grants/subsidies, eg healthcare GST subsidy. For basic commodities, medical and healthcare services, education and certain food items, GST is exempted in many countries except probably only in Kiasuland. … Continue reading

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Ministerial salary should not be pegged to top 500/501 income earners, time for review

Singaporeans should not fear scrutinizing PAP and start to ask hard questions. When PAP tells us that “the current total annual salary of an entry level Minister (i.e. MR4) is benchmarked to 60% of the median income of the top … Continue reading

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President Halimah becomes Milo promoter after Trump-Kim summit?

Do businesses need to have a conversation with jiak liow bee president to launch new products?

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Temasek CEO Ho Ching paid an estimated $300,000 a day from our reserves, pay should not be state secret

Although Temasek Holdings manages our state reserves and should be transparent, the PAP government has legislated senior management executives’ remuneration state secret. From how PAP runs our country as Singapore Inc, ie pegging ministerial/civil service remuneration to top earners in the private … Continue reading

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