PAP at its weakest, coalition with right manifesto can put PAP to sleep

PAP has been focused on profiting from citizens since decades ago.  Incompetence has now weighed heavily on PAP which is at its weakest point in history.

Singaporeans are also increasingly fed up with PAP’s leeching activities, insufficient/regularly breaking down infrastructure, constantly burdening citizens with cost increases, etc.

Even without creating good jobs as promised, electoral losses are sure to mount at the next GE.  And it’s actually not difficult to imagine a coalition of opposition parties with the right manifesto putting PAP to sleep.

The coalition will first need to effectively debunk PAP’s propaganda and explain issues factually for ordinary citizens to understand.  For example, a transparent government is not an option; without transparency, the possibility of billions misappropriated from state coffers is real.

The lack of both transparency and accountability is what ails Singapore.  A further delay may bring us to a point of no return; the possibility of Singapore becoming a Malaysian state should not be dismissed.

Highlighting possible skeletons in PAP’s closet – which could sink our country – such as massive investment losses, corruption many times worse than Najib-gate, etc. will also greatly help.

These are not allegations but possible scenarios when a new government takes over.  Across the causeway, many government officials and even judges were found to be corrupt but only after BN was voted out.

With shared resources, public discourse need not be dictated by MSM.

A possible manifesto may look something like this:

1 Review/repeal all unjust laws.

2 CPF: Simplify scheme, drastic reduction of allocation to housing, no commingling with state reserves, to be professionally managed, proper disclosure of fund performance, not forced loan to government, not to be used as HDB concessionary housing loans, scrap CPF Life, reduce MediShield Life premiums, consult CPF members before tweaking scheme, scrap absurd accrued interest rule, etc.

3 HDB: Review flat pricing, disclose land cost, consider privatising HDB flats, guarantee extension of lease, etc.

4 Removal of all spouses and relatives of politicians from government/GLCs, eg spouses of PM Lee (Temasek CEO), Minister Ng Eng Hen (Singhealth CEO), Minister Heng Swee Keat (NHB CEO), Minister Josephine Teo (Surbana Jurong CEO), etc.

5 Removal of senior management executives not appointed on merit from government/GLCs, especially former army generals.

6 Proper disclosure of assets of Temasek, GIC and MOH Holdings.

7 Gradual divestment of Temasek-linked companies.

8 Town councils to be professionally managed, remove MPs from current roles, cease paying MPs and ministers town council allowance, proper disclosure of contracts awarded to town councilors’ relatives/friends, etc.

9 NS: Reduce NS duration, consider employing professional force with NS as supporting role, increase NS allowance, reduce reservist obligations, etc.

10 Population policy: Review and reduce number of new citizens and PRs, provide real incentives for citizens to increase TFR, etc..

11 Public assistance: Offer genuine assistance to needy citizens without onerous conditions.

12 Implement living wage policy.

13  Transport: Scrap COE scheme, reduce ERP charges, complete policy review.

14 Healthcare: Remove means testing, state actual cost instead of self-inflated ones on bills, (create impression of bigger quantum of grant/subsidy), reduce appointment waiting time, etc.

15 Transparency: All stat boards and government agencies to disclose information belonging in the public domain.

16 Convene independent committee to investigate Operation Coldstore and Spectrum. Action to be taken against officials and masterminds found to have acted illegally. Government to tender public apology and compensate victims. All citizens forced into self exile free to return.

The manifesto should be simplified with priority given to more pressing issues.

Singapore needs institutional reforms urgently and pro-citizen policies, without which we will be doomed.

That Singapore will fail without PAP in complete control should be exposed as a lie, as has been shown by BN’s stunning fall.

Power should never rest in the hands of PAP elites and the new Malaysian government has shown us the possibility of citizens wresting back control of our lives from the arrogant PAP.

We can ill afford to continue with a brick and mortar economic model requiring the influx of additional millions of foreigners to support fake growth.

Our foundation has been corrupted by avarice which can only be rebuilt by a new government.

The coalition should explain clearly to the people that both CPF scheme and ownership of HDB flats are scams.

The cost of running a crony government runs into the billions every year. Provide breakdown and total estimated salary of GLC and stat board senior management as well as top government officials.




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2 Responses to PAP at its weakest, coalition with right manifesto can put PAP to sleep

  1. Anonymous incognit4444 says:

    Good points. As for institutional reform:
    Pass an omnibus bill that removes all offices likethe electoral committee etc from the PMO and go under parlament.
    An immediate parliamentary inquiry of Temask and GIC by the executives. No immunity no deal.
    Immediate publication of the reserves the true amount and losses accrued over the years
    Come clean

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Senior management of stat boards/GLCs number in the thousands. Likely need additional Changi chalets. 😉

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