SM Lau Goh and MM LKY were once paid more than $4 million, PAP must stop creating new cabinet posts

The PAP government must not create million-dollar posts for ministers who have left cabinet.  This is a huge cost to taxpayers.

When Lau Goh became PM, the government created the SM post for LKY to continue earning millions in tax dollars. If LKY’s heart was in the right place, he should have refused the salary which was almost on par with the PM’s.

Then came Lau Goh’s turn to become SM in 2004 and PAP ‘duly’ created another position for LKY. The pay packages of MM and SM were similar: many good years of more than 10 months’ bonuses.

These 2 posts had cost taxpayers tens of million$ but fortunately, both were removed from cabinet after PAP had lost an entire GRC in 2011.

Prior to the 2011 GE, PAP had in fact increased Lau Goh’s and LKY’s pay to above $4 million.  Mainstream media was completely silent and reported only President Nathan’s pay increase to $4.267 million. (Yahoo)
1nathanAccording to available data, SM and MM earned about $150,000 less than the President in 2007. In previous years, they earned more than the President.
1asset1Using the above assumption, Lau Goh and LKY were each paid an estimated $4.123 million when Nathan’s pay increased to $4.267 million.

Just what did the ass-et enhancer, Swiss standard Lau Goh contribute to Singapore to deserve more than $4 million as SM has remained a mystery till today.

As leadershit renewal in PAP begins, history will likely be repeated with the creation of million-dollar posts for PM Lee and DPM Teo.

Although the clownish and incompetent 4G ‘leaders’ will certainly need lots of handholding, this will again be at a huge expense to taxpayers.  😦








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3 Responses to SM Lau Goh and MM LKY were once paid more than $4 million, PAP must stop creating new cabinet posts

  1. The problem is they just can’t bow out gracefully and disappear. In other countries when tje PM or president leaves office they go away and don’t hear from them. Thay’s the case in the country i’m from. There are 6 ex PMs. You don’t hear about them at all. On fact some I thought had died but nope still alive

  2. Sinkie says:

    What’s wrong with making more money? – old fart

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