Total annual income of PM Lee exceeds $3.3 million

Singaporeans have been fooled by the PAP.  Nowhere in the world do government leaders concurrently receive millions in salary and a pension.

PM Lee comes to mind.

According to the Parliamentary Pensions Act:
(2)  The annual amount of pension payable to an office-holding Member shall be —
(a)  in respect of every completed year of reckonable service in any office, or where he has served in more than one office in each office, at the rate of one-twenty-seventh (1/27) of his annual salary* in that office; and
(“annual salary” means the annual equivalent of the highest monthly rate of salary excluding any non-pensionable allowances, ie 13th month bonus, etc)

(Take note that highest monthly salary is unknown as ministerial salaries have been  disclosed only a few times)

From available information, we are able to compute close to the highest annual pension of PM Lee, ie using monthly salary of $101,680 in 2007.
PM Lee’s annual pension is at least $813,440 (table below).
Since PM Lee had been an MP for 23 years in 2007, his annual MP pension, capped at 2/3 of highest monthly part-time MP allowance is estimated to be at least $110,000.

As a member of Ang Mo Kio Town Council (its former GM charged for corruption in 2016), PM Lee also receives a monthly allowance of $300/$3600 a year.

Together with his $2.2 million annual salary, the table below sums up the minimum annual income of PM Lee.

It would not be shocking if actual figures are much higher.

And Singaporeans are expected to believe PAP politicians are servants of the people. 😦

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