HDB director lies, invents new terms to cover up CEO’s ‘error’

I refer to HDB director (Strategic Planning) Jeffrey Aw’s ST Forum reply. (“Living density different from population density“)

Jeffrey has tried to defend HDB CEO Cheang Koon Hean’s blunder and invented a new term “liveable density”.

Jeffrey: “Housing Board chief executive Cheong Koon Hean’s lecture was about how Singapore can anticipate its urban future and develop “liveable density“.”
(Notice liveable density is in inverted commas, similar to SMRT’s “global search” for a new CEO)

In the next sentence, “liveable density” was changed to “living density”.

Jeffrey: “The figures cited were, hence, on living density, and not population density.”

However, both “living” and “liveable” density could only be found in HDB’s dictionary, as pointed out by Leong Sze Hian:

“I googled “liveable density” or “living density” and could not find it in the search results?
I searched “liveable density” or “living density” in thesaurus.com and dictionary.com and also could not find it in the search results?
In contrast, “population density” can be found easily in all the above three portals?
I could find “liveable density”, but only with reference to Singapore?”

Like how HDB has been lying to lessees that we are all flat owners, HDB director Jeffrey Aw has now lied to Singaporeans with his invention of “liveable density” and “living density”.

Isn’t HDB taking Singaporeans for fools again?

HDB should clarify if its director did not lie. Over to you, HDB.





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2 Responses to HDB director lies, invents new terms to cover up CEO’s ‘error’

  1. Confused says:

    HDB is being creative.
    Being Singaporean, Singlish is a way to go.
    Within local context mah.
    Uniquely Singapore!

  2. Sinkie says:

    Hokkien saying: zhui kong lampar song.

    When there is no repercussion, PAPies and HDB like to mix-up meanings of words, and invent new words with strange meanings. Especially when ownself praise ownself.

    When there is repercussion e.g. court papers, records in Singapore Land Authority, legally enforceable documents, contracts such as Agreement For Lease etc, they suddenly all use the correct, internationally-recognized term i.e. LESSEE.

    Btw, even insurance companies don’t believe PAPies & HDB bullshit. I recently renewed the HDB Fire Insurance with Etiqa — and printed clearly on the insurance certificate near the top, it referred to me as “LESSEE” and not Owner. This is becoz insurance certificate is a business contract, legally enforceable in court of law … there are repercussions on words used.

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