The $40 million question: Did 9 PMO political appointment holders receive $40 million in FY2010?

Dear PMO

I have gone through a number of past budget statements and would like to seek clarification on the  $40 million expenditure on 9 PMO political appointments in FY2010. 1ministerpayc

$40 million is a hell lot of tax dollars lavished on 9 ministers and the government is of course obligated to clarify.

Take note that I am exercising common sense and have assumed that the amount stated under “Expenditure on Manpower”/”Political Appointments” is meant only for PMO political appointments, not other ministries. (PMO, page 163 and 164)

It would be really strange if the PMO’s manpower budget for political appointments is shared with other ministries.

Please clarify.

Thank you.


Likedatosocanmeh 🙂

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