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GIC – fund manager of CPF and state reserves – should disclose, reduce billion-dollar payroll expense

GIC – manager of CPF and state reserves – does not disclose it payroll/management costs and its actual performance is also unverifiable. But from available information, GIC’s payroll expense should easily exceed $1 billion annually.  This should be reduced because there … Continue reading

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SMRT Comms Chief Margaret Teo just sabo her colleague arrested for drink driving

SMRT VP for corporate communications Margaret Teo has mastered the art of flipping prata super fast. With regard to a SMRT senior executive arrested for drink driving, SMRT “asked for privacy for its staff member, who is reportedly SMRT Trains … Continue reading

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Arrested SMRT Trains COO a super SAF scholar?

I refer to ST article “SMRT Trains chief operations officer Alvin Kek arrested for drink driving at Woodlands Checkpoint”. ST: “Prior to his employment at SMRT, Mr Kek spent 14 years with the Singapore Armed Forces, where he was a … Continue reading

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HDB should stop lying about lessees’ ownership status

HDB claims it sells new flats to buyers at subsidized prices.  But HDB is in fact referring to the lease and not the flat. HDB should come clean and explain how buyers automatically become owners by signing an Agreement for Lease ? Going … Continue reading

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HDB lessees ignorant of scam, continue to mistake themselves as owners

Credit should be given to PAP for its brainwashing technique: most HDB lessees continue to believe they own public property. I recently commented on Tan Kin Lian’s FB and suggested that he should help to raise awareness on the bigger issue of … Continue reading

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SMRT “Reserved CEO” selection process similar to PAP’s “Reserved Presidency”

2 days ago, SMRT announced that a new CEO had been found after a “global search”. (ST) No details were given and this naturally raised suspicions that SMRT had lied.  This was because the new CEO will be another former … Continue reading

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Does Singapore need hundreds of former military personnel in government and GLCs?

The appointment of another former paper general as SMRT CEO should not have surprised anyone. For decades, PAP has been creating million-dollar posts for high-ranking military personnel who have completed their contracts or retired from service. These paper generals/colonels could he … Continue reading

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AssMRT: Appointment of paper general as new CEO follows PAP’s protocol

Dustbin Kuek CEO, AssMRT Dear Singaporeans The majority of commuters seemed to be upset by the announcement of my successor simply because he is another former paper general.  Let me assure you that SMRT will be in good hands under … Continue reading

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PAP government prioritises investing billions over spending on citizens’ well-being

Over the past couple of years, PAP government has been increasing costs across the board for citizens to raise revenue. In reality, the government does have sufficient funds except that it has prioritized using them for investment instead of citizens’ well-being. For … Continue reading

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Straits Times publishes fake news: HDB no longer landlord of public housing flats

I refer to ST article by Janice Heng, “Let HDB landlords enjoy their rent“. The title of this propaganda piece is erroneous because there is only one landlord, ie HDB. Buyers of HDB flats sign a lease agreement and are only lessees. … Continue reading

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