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20160823 TP’s reply for 6 Aug feedback

(With reference to my feedback dated 6 August, edited to include missing word “approach”) From: Efran KOH (SPF) Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 9:18 AM To: pipakh Subject: (SR#: SR/20160823/0089) – Activity # – 1-EP181H: RE: 20160822 TP’s current approach … Continue reading


20160822 Own self praise own self = leadership succession?

I refer to CNA’s “PM Lee emphasises need for leadership succession at NDR 2016”. The article is more of a joke with PAP members praising one another to high heavens throughout the entire article. PM Lee touched on the topic … Continue reading

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20160822 Temasek’s return only negative 9% last year?

Last month, Temasek disclosed it’s portfolio value had declined by $24 billion to $242 billion. However, I find its negative 9.2% shareholder return unbelievable. Firstly, the value of Temasek’s mostly-profitable listed major investments have declined by about $20 billion. No … Continue reading

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20160821 NMP Kok talks cock like PAP, silly NMPs wasting our tax dollars

Ahmad: Bro, you heard about the new law can anyhow tangkap Singaporeans for talking about an ongoing court case? Ah Kow: Ya lor, the PAP now so desperate to believe any Tom, Dick and Hairy can affect the decision of … Continue reading

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20160809 If don’t blame PAP, then blame my grandfather isit?

There are obvious reasons for me to keep heaping blame on an incompetent government. In fact, all citizens who love our country should do likewise. I find it strange that unthinking Singaporeans are able to rattle off propaganda to defend … Continue reading

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20160807 PAP’s good jobs = low paying jobs

PM Lee once anyhow claimed that foreigners help create good jobs for Singaporeans but of course he din offer any supporting statistics. Hard to trust this type of leader because he misled the people by quoting statistics on only one … Continue reading

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20160807 Police half-baked clarification in alleged child kidnapping case at VivoCity

With reference to “PRC tried to kidnap kid at Vivo city”, the police have concluded a thorough investigation and clarified that “it was not a case of attempted kidnapping”. As per protocol, the police added it took a “very stern … Continue reading

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20160807 Is DJ Joe Augustin living in PAP’s ivory tower?

I refer to “Jobless diploma graduate disappointed with degrading govt job fair” and “Radio DJ slams diploma holder for self-entitled rant against govt job fair”. DJ Joe Augustin appears unable to comprehend what the jobless diploma graduate’s (let’s call him … Continue reading

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20160807 Quitter paper generals joining ‘private sector’ is a joke

I refer to ST article, “LTA chief executive Chew Men Leong quits; MOT says he will be joining private sector”. Singaporeans should be more discerning when they read propaganda papers like the ST: No former generals who had served more … Continue reading

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20160806 Errant heavy goods vehicle drivers still undeterred by enforcement actions

From: pipakh Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2016 2:24 PM To: TP AC SAM TEE Subject: 20160806 Errant heavy goods vehicle drivers still undeterred by enforcement actions Attn: AC Sam Tee Traffic Police Dear AC Tee I refer to my past … Continue reading

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