20160825 Prata or people’s president?

MSM, PAP’s in house newsletter, has expectedly gone into propaganda overdrive after former president Nathan had died.

It has engaged in outrageous half truths and lies. Was Nathan really the people’s president? Or a prata president? Most Singaporeans that I know never considered Nathan the people’s president for obvious reasons.

Nathan was never elected into office in 1999 and 2005. This was due to PAP’s constitutional criteria which easily disqualified non-PAP presidential candidates. Since no elections were held – nobody knew how popular or unpopular Nathan was – how could he have been the people’s president? MSM talking cock right?

To confirm this, Tony Tan won only by a whisker when a real presidential election was held on 27 August 2011. Tony Tan received only 35.2% of votes, a mere 0.4 % higher than runner up Tan Cheng Bock. Is Tony Tan a “people’s president”?

In death, Nathan has been recognised in ways he wasn’t when alive; nobody saw him as “A giant of our times”. If he were alive and watching, he would probably be laughing so hard at the comedy.

Respect can never be earned through propaganda. If Nathan wasn’t respected while he was alive, neither should respect be shown when he is dead. The real Nathan is not the same as portrayed by PAP controlled MSM.

Objective as I am, many will be quick to label me ‘disrespectful’. But it is the MSM that has been disrespectful because it shouldn’t elevate a human being to a state of perfection just because he is dead.

Talking about being disrespectful, recall the insincere ‘condolence’ letter written by PM Lee to Kenneth after his father JBJ passed on. Now, that was being disrespectful.

A lot of events regarding Nathan related by PAP are unverifiable and thinking Singaporeans should take them with a warehouse of salt. PAP has been known to rewrite its own history, ie in Social Studies textbooks, by withholding archived cabinet records, etc.

Nathan’s civil service career may have spanned 5 decades but ‘serving’ is synonymous with ‘self serving’ under the PAP. Top civil servants and ministers are merely million-dollar leeches in our system and over a lifetime, each is paid tens/hundreds of millions in tax dollars.

In a 2011 interview, Nathan clarified his position on his out-of-this-world $4.26 million salary. He said:

“I didn’t ask for it. That was the rate for the job, that’s what I accepted. You don’t like the rate, I can’t help it.”

The fact that the president’s salary has now been reduced by $2.7 million to $1.54 million is confirmation that Nathan had been overpaid by more than $15 million during his tenure as president. This amount could have gone to needy Singaporeans but instead went into the bank account of one man who was supposedly serving citizens.

Even if Nathan had not wanted to fight the parasitic system, he could have been exemplary by donating excess tax dollars, money which he knew could not be used in the afterworld. Nathan was already 87 years old.

Nathan merely followed PAP’s script to the letter by helping to raise funds glamorously at President’s Challenge charity events. Shame on him for first taking from the people and then making use of the people to raise funds by milking public sympathy.

Nathan was also supposed to hold the ‘second key’ to prevent our reserves from being squandered by future rogue governments. In reality, PAP’s first key and prata president’s second key moved in tandem. All these keys are just wayang and it makes no difference even if we had 100 keys: PAP has the master key to the nation’s vault.

Prata president was unaware that our reserves were used more than 27 times from 2002 to 2011. Not only was he unaware that tens of billions were taken out from our vault an additional 28 times by PAP, he could not even state the amount taken out. Safeguarding our reserves or sleeping on the job?

Was he even aware that since our first elected president, our reserves were used probably 100 times when he stepped down?

One should not forget an important chapter in Nathan’s history: he worked as a Japanese translator during the Second World War. The Japanese were committing atrocities everywhere and Nathan was in fact aiding them instead of fighting against them to free his country. Should such a person deserve any respect?

MSM should paint a balanced picture of Nathan; a perfect man Nathan was not. Dead or alive, a person should be accorded the same amount of respect. Hopefully, MSM will tone down the propaganda when Tony Tan meets his maker.

Nathan was, and will always be, a prata president to me.

RIP ex fellow human being.

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