Allegations of power abuse by PM Lee but no sound, no shadow from opposition Workers’ Party?

For an opposition party, the Workers’ Party is more than a disappointment, like PAP B team.

Allegations of power abuse by the siblings of PM Lee have set social media on fire and the foreign media must be having a field day reporting and watching our aristocratic drama, daily. But no sound, no shadow from the WP. 😦

PM Lee’s reputation may already be in tatters which most don’t really care. What concerns Singaporeans most is the ramifications resulting from these serious allegations.

According to PAP, foreign companies invest in Singapore because of our political stability and a clean government. The allegations of power abuse has brought us to different level – lower. Will foreign investors reconsider other options in light of recent developments?

Unelected opposition parties, eg SDP, have issued statements but the WP has been totally silent. Again?


If there was any hint of a similar issue affecting WP, the PAP would have been out for blood and the affected WP member would have been finished by MSM.  He/she may have to leave Singapore for, perhaps, Myanmar? (ST still not letting up on Yaw after 5 years.)

Isn’t it strange that an elected opposition party only wants to be PAP’s punching bag?

Many Singaporeans consider WP’s behavior very ‘sia sway’. (No reference to Lim Swee Say)

Or maybe the WP may wish to call for another committee to look into the allegations of power abuse?

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PM Lee’s ‘grave concern’ an insult to LKY, abuse of power allegations not addressed

I refer to CNA article, “Grave concerns’ about how Lee Kuan Yew’s last will was prepared: PM Lee”.

LKY was a lawyer himself and he was not of unsound mind months before his death. It is laughable that PM Lee is now implying that LKY had little understanding of how his will was drafted.

If PM Lee had grave concerns, this was never highlighted before, even 2 years after LKY had passed on. PM Lee should have settled his familee issue with his siblings – at his own expense – leegally.

The issue has now been complicated with the involvement of a ministerial committee and other civil servants funded by taxpayers.

Citing all these government committees may lend some critical support to PM Lee but they are essentially PAP-formed committees. Own self cannot check own self.

Are Singaporeans expected to believe that there will be an outcome different from PM Lee’s desired outcome?

The original joint statement by PM Lee’s siblings contains allegations of power abuse. These are the mother of all allegations of power abuse which PM Lee has refused to address.

Coming from the two siblings of a prime minister, the allegations will tarnish his reputation internationally as the news has gone global.
Financial Times
The Guardian
Asia Times
The Star (and other Malaysian media)

In the past, PM Lee did not hesitate to bankrupt political opponents and had even taken legal action on trivial issues such as a blog post by Roy Ngerng.  Why the double standard?

Why raise the issue of “grave concern” only now?    Something is not right. 😦

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PAP’s house of cards may collapse soon

After 5 decades of propaganda, Singaporeans have been conditioned to foolishly believe that PAP is the best party to lead our country. Some citizens even think that PAP will be around forever. 😦

We had a clown from the SAF asking his audience to speculate on Singapore surviving into 2211, two hundred years away. And the silly audience participated when he asked them to keechiu.

The PAP is full of hot air and nothing they say or do will prevent their house of cards from falling, if it has not been expedited recently.

It is not difficult to see why PAP will fail because of their perfect-recipe-for-failure governance.

PAP has been governing Singapore:
– With minimal transparency and no accountability.
– Uses weapon of fear to control of citizens.
– Disseminates propaganda and half truths to distort reality.
– Abuse state organs to further its agenda.

PAP has therefore been living on borrowed time.

Nothing can be concealed by PAP forever, especially truth which doesn’t like to be hidden for too long.

The amount of embarrassing information concealed by PAP has been increasing over the years and must be a record for any government. With each passing year, the risk of disclosure, accidentally or otherwise, increases because more people would have access to the hidden information. All it takes is just one disgruntled person to leak the information and it will be game over.

Amount of concealed information has grown exponentially over 5 decades.

Any government can’t expect to govern properly while channeling limited public resources to concealing information from the people.

Why did the PAP refuse to release cabinet records – even those with no security implications – more than 3 decades ago? How badly will disclosure reflect on PAP?

When a minister could only offer self-insulting reasons to keep the PAP’s past a secret, the logical conclusion is obvious.  For those who are able to think.

Hmm .. wasn’t the name Lawrence Wong also mentioned in the joint statement by PM Lee’s siblings? :(​

On the issue of accountability, failures in the civil service are recycled among ministries, government agencies and GLCs. For 5 decades.

Not holding civil servants accountable may work fine for PAP but there is a cost to feeding all these leeches and a price that will have to be paid ultimately by Singaporeans. We should not underestimate their collective liability to our country.

Nobody can say for certain when the curtain will fall but when PAP had to amend the Constitution to elect a PAP-friendly President, the end may be near (not in terms of weeks or months, unfortunately). A PAP-friendly President will not question the government on our state reserves and the $338 billion in CPF monies managed by GIC.

Singaporeans should give a thought to how PAP really runs our country. With all that has been happening recently, it appears PAP’s house of cards may collapse soon.

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Allegation of Ho Ching’s interference in the government warrants an investigation

The joint statement by PM Lee’s siblings must be taken very seriously by the government and, more importantly, Singaporeans.

There are allegations of power abuse at the highest levels involving Minister Lawrence Wong, PM Lee as well as his wife, Ho Ching.

Singaporeans should see this as an opportunity to address the issues and not fear discussing them. 🙂 In this post, I will just highlight the abuse by Ho Ching.

Joint statement:

Did Ho Ching “instruct Permanent Secretaries or senior civil servants”? It’s almost for certain.

The reality is any perm sec or senior civil servant who dares tell Ho Ching off will be risking his/her very comfortable retirement. The PAP is a vindictive party.

Another point on why Ho Ching likely did as alleged: money talks in Singapore. Money is the only measure of success and power in Singapore and Ho Ching earns at least 10 times more than the highest-paid perm sec. Any PAP-affiliate who does not earn peanuts has a tendency to extend his/her influence in an incorrect manner.

Or speak without thinking, for eg:

Ho’s obscene pay and ‘inherited power’ from her PM husband must have boosted her ego and made her feel she could impose on her …’minions’.

One can only speculate on how obscene Ho’s pay is because this piece of embarrassing information has been concealed by the PAP government.

Asset managers are paid a salary, performance bonus and a percentage of assets under management. Imagine if Ho was paid even a minute fraction of Temasek’s $242 billion worth of assets, her pay would exceed the total amount paid to the Singapore Cabinet. (1% = $2.4 billion, 0.01% = $24 million)

In a good year, it is possible for Ho to earn a total pay package in excess of $100 million.

If the allegation concerning Ho is true, it would also mean there must be much unhappiness among civil servants. Can civil servants serve citizens while providing a ‘personal service’ to the PM’s spouse?

The shocking revelations by PM Lee’s siblings warrant an independent investigation.

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PM Lee’s siblings: PM Lee has abused his power

Am no fan of LKY but really appreciate Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang exposing PM Lee’s abuse of power.

For decades, PAP has been abusing the ISA, ISD and SPF to sow fear among Singaporeans to the extent that many still fear to openly criticize the government today. 😦

But the unimaginably shocking thing is PM Lee’s siblings are now victims of the same abuse experienced by ordinary citizens and opposition party members. 😦

Statements by Wei Ling and Hsien Yang:

1 “..we have felt threatened by Hsien Loong’s misuse of his position and influence over the Singapore government and its agencies to drive his personal agenda“.
2 “We are concerned that the system has few checks and balances to prevent the abuse of government”.
3 “We fear the use of the organs of state against us and Hsien Yang’s wife, Suet Fern.
4 “We see many upright leaders of quality and integrity throughout the public service, but they are constrained by Hsien Loong’s misuse of power at the very top“.
5 “Nobody ever doubted that Lee Kuan Yew always held the best interests of Singapore and Singaporeans at heart. The same cannot be said for our brother , Lee Hsien Loong and his wife, Ho Ching.”

​6 “..Hsien Loong is driven by a desire for power and personal popularity.”
7 “His political power is drawn from his being Lee Kuan Yew’s son.”
(On Ho Ching’s interference in the government)
8 “..Hsien Loong and Ho Ching are motivated by a desire to inherit Lee Kuan Yew’s standing and reputation for themselves and their children.”
9 “Whilst our father built this nation upon meritocracy, Hsien Loong, whilst purporting to espouse these values, has spoken of a “natural aristocracy“.
10 “Indeed, Hsien Loong and Ho Ching expressed plans to move with their family into the house as soon as possible after Lee Kuan Yew’s passing.”
(PM Lee a scheming person in real life?)
11 “However, after the gift’s acceptance, we soon received letters with spurious objections from Hsien Loong’s then personal lawyer, Lucien Wong.”
12 “… Hsien Loong had used his position as Prime Minister to obtain a copy of the Deed of Gift from Minister Lawrence Wong, ..passed to his personal lawyer to advance his personal agenda.”
(Lawrence Wong should be investigated and sacked if this is found to be true.)
13 “In 2015, various letter were sent by Hsien Loong’s then personal lawyer making accusations and misrepresentations on his behalf regarding the circumstances …”
(Lucien Wong should be investigated and also sacked if misrepresentations could be proven.)
14 “ July 2016, Minister Lawrence Wong wrote to inform us that a ministerial Committee had been set up to consider options with respect to 38 Oxley Road and their implications.”
(Lawrence Wong again?)

(On how PM Lee achieves his desired outcome.)
PM Lee has denied allegations of abuse of power by his siblings. However, his denial did not address the issues raised in the lengthy statement by his siblings.

The statement has given the public a glimpse into what has really been happening behind the scenes as opposed to propaganda in the MSM: PM Lee only wishes to further his personal agenda at citizens’ expense.

Has the fall of PAP already started?

“Lucifer Wong” should read “Lucien Wong”.  Apology for the ‘error’.

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