Bill payment by private hospital confirms our broken public healthcare system

I refer to CNA article “Gleneagles Hospital to pay medical bills for security guard who had heart attack“.

The article appears to be free advertisement for Gleneagles with acting CEO Phua Tian Beng own self praising own hospital: “Thomas received timely and expert care from our doctors and staff when he suffered a heart attack at the hospital.”

While the article highlighted Gleneagles’ generosity, CNA was too pai seh to mention the screw up of our public healthcare but still did it in one sentence:Singaporeans need to hold the PAP government accountable for the lack of medical facilties, especially in a life-threatening situation.

(It is strange that a private hospital which is answerable to shareholders has decided to foot the bill for what is clearly our government’s error. Perhaps this has to do with Gleneagles’ CEO Lee Suen Ming being a former GLC Singapore Power MD for finance and given a scholarship to study in London by another GLC DBS?)

Our public healthcare system broke down years ago and the shortage of beds is not the only issue.

In 2013, a patient who needed to see a renal specialist had to wait something like 16 months. After KPKBing several times, the appointment was shortened to 1 YEAR!

SGH’s ‘reply’ merely explained the issues caused by PAP’s upside down planning. 😦

How did we end up with a you-die-your-own-business public healthcare system?

PAP should not run public hospitals on a for-profit basis. Despite the limited resources, PAP continues to see no wrong in depriving citizens of timely medical care by allowing public hospitals to be in the business of medical tourism.


What about A & E waiting time which could sometimes stretch up to 24 hours?

Ordinary Singaporeans need to help PAP fix our broken public healthcare system or anyone of us will likely encounter a similar situation as Thomas. But we may not be so fortunate. 😦

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MRT tunnel flooding could have been prevented if SMRT had sacked maintenance VP earlier

SMRT has just announced the sacking of its maintenance VP, Mr Ng Tek Poo for Saturday’s 20-hour disruption.

The tunnel flooding could have possibly been prevented had Ng been sacked years earlier.

Ng was the same maintenance VP responsible for 2 massive disruptions in 2011 where cable ties were subsequently found to be used to secure rail claws.

During the COI in May 2012, Ng had already confirmed he did not really know his job.

Ng:”.. did not know that vibration could dislodge the metal claws holding the power supply third rail in place”.  But claws had in fact been falling since .. pai seh … 25 years ago/from the time the system started.

To Ng, cable tying our multi-billion dollar MRT system was the answer.

After the second breakdown on Dec 17, Ng said the SMRT management was still ‘puzzled as to why it happened again’. Ng became enlightened only after an Australian vibration expert ran tests on its tracks.

Ng suka suka decided that the problem of dropped claws was not important to be brought to the attention of SMRT’s top management. This resulted in Ng being told off at the COI: “.. if you had raised it and if you had dealt with that problem, we would not be here today.”

Ng was clearly incompetent then and should have been sacked, along with his former boss Saw Phaik Hwa who had assumed proper maintenance was optional.

Why did CEO Desmond Kuek continue to keep Ng as maintenance VP? Hmm .. to make his self-appointed incompetent top management look good?

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CPF members should stop government abuse of our retirement savings

Dear CPF members

Enough has been said and written about our CPF scheme and its abuse by the government. It’s time to stop whining and take action to prevent further abuse.

We are not all helpless and should cease entertaining this self-defeating thought. Can we really do anything to free ourselves from government abuse of our retirement savings? Of course.

A single entity fighting the government stands no chance but collectively, the government will have to concede. Do not forget that the government derives its power from the people.

The solution: A class-action lawsuit against the government.

This will not be a mere request or begging the government for transparency and accountability in the management of hundreds of billions in CPF monies. CPF members will demand for a full set of accounts to be published.

On the assumption that GIC’s 6% rate of return claims are factual, we seek the return of the difference between the amount paid to CPF members and what GIC claims to have earned.  Plus interest.

We also seek the return of our CPF savings at 55.  Returning our CPF through monthly installments at 65 – till we die – is not acceptable.

Neither will we accept:
– Frequent tweaks of CPF rules which have impacted the well-being of hundreds of thousands of retirees.
– The appointment of unqualified CEOs such as former military personnel/civil servant with no prior fund management experience.

We are also opposed to government abuse of our retirement savings to:
– Conceal the size of our national reserves.
– Channel tens of billions to a single fund manager, government-linked GIC.

We seek a revamp of the failed CPF scheme which should be simplified. To increase retirement funding, a higher percentage of wages should be allocated to CPF SA with a corresponding reduction in CPF OA allocation.

The limits to the use of CPF MA – arbitrarily implemented by the government – for hospitalization, insurance premiums, etc must be removed. After all, this is our money.

The government should also appoint other non government-related fund managers to manage our CPF savings.

Besides the above, other factors will also be taken into consideration after CPF members have confirmed their support for the class-action lawsuit.


The lawsuit will be funded by CPF members through crowdfunding. Depending on the number of CPF members involved, the cost should not be prohibitive, eg 10,000 members X $100 = $1 million or 100,000 members X $10 = $1 million.

Transparency and accountability are of utmost importance and details could be worked out at a later date.

The question is whether this approach will work?  There is reason for optimism.

A class-action suit will throw the foreign media spotlight on the abject failure of our CPF scheme. It was the fear of foreign media scrutiny that forced PAP to concede to the return of 20% of CPF at 65, thanks to Roy’s persistent efforts. We should continue with the fight to reclaim every cent in CPF which belongs to us.

The government has already proven it is not interested in revamping the failed CPF scheme by further postponing CPF payout and channeling additional billions in tax dollars into GIC. We should not hope for the government to come clean on its own.

CPF members should collectively take responsibility for having allowed the government to treat transparency and accountability as negotiable issues.

Enough is enough and it’s time to “do good, do together”. 🙂

Phillip Ang


Why should any government fear transparency, ie refuse to disclose material information which belongs in the public domain? Should material information pertaining to the management of $346 billion in CPF be privy to only a handful of ministers?

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SMRT : Ponded tunnel also not SMRT top management fault, go blame LTA

(This is a real imaginary announcement from the PAP appointed top management of SMRT, aka Ass MRT.)

Dear MRT commuters

Thank you for your eternal patience with our horrible service. 🙂

Allow us to clarify the ponding er … I mean flooding in the tunnel between Bishan and Braddell MRT stations yesterday. This is clearly an act of God and not our fault.

It’s really unfair to be at the receiving end of your inconvenience and in this case, you should blame LTA for the tunnel leakage. SMRT is asset sibeh light and most of our assets in fact belong to the government, including tunnels. 😉

Anyway, you should have seen this coming when the Bencoolen MRT station became flooded in March – even before opening. The ponding … sorry again, flooding was not caused by an act of God but the shoddy workmanship of LTA’s unsupervised contractors. 😦

Perhaps you were misled in the same article by this claim: “All new MRT stations are protected against floods caused by freak storms”.

But do bear in mind that Bishan and Braddell stations are not new stations. And also, to be more precise – not playing with words – only the tunnels were flooded and not inside the station.

To be honest with you, we are no longer certain if other tunnels/underground stations will flood in future as the impossible has happened. We are of course conducting belated inspections and crossing our fingers.   Will a packed train be trapped 45 metres in a flooded underground tunnel in future?

This may be a disaster waiting to happen.

To put major MRT disruptions in the “right” perspective, commuters should learn to bear with a few hours or even few days of disruption. Why not since they could put up with more than 2 months without a lift?

After all, lift breakdowns are solely due to improper maintenance and not an act of God right?

The ponded tunnel was really not the fault of SMRT’s top management and that’s why we did not apologise as we did in the past. Commuters should look at the issue more objectively and assign LTA some responsibility. 😉

Thank you.

CEO LG (NS) Kuek B C and former army buddies

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Thank you PAP for trying to own self checkmate own self

2017 has been a disaster for PAP and Singaporeans should expect more self-created disasters to unfold.

After Pillaging And Plundering for 5 decades, incompetence has weighed down so heavily on the JLB elites that PAP has now lost control of the plot, ie. forced into making moves which will own self checkmate own self. 🙂

PAP’s problems probably started way back in 2011 after it tried to fix the EP to prevent a PAP-unfriendly candidate from being elected. One thing led to another and till today, all PAP big guns had to be activated to defend the undemocratic and racist EP.

After their expected failure, a smaller gun was roped in to defend his bosses. Instead of dousing the fire, Law Minister Shanmugam’s laughable ‘defence’ – implying everyone had misunderstood what the PAP said – has stoked Singaporeans’ anger further.

Other forced moves include PAP’s response to an attack on the integrity of government leaders, including PM Lee. Of all people, the allegations came from PM Lee’s own siblings and this made headlines in every international media. It doesn’t matter if the PM is flame proof as this courageous act alone has already put a number of nails in PAP’s coffin.

Unedited image here.

Will the dishonorable son be forgiven by his siblings after going for his own nephew’s blood? If Lee Hsien Yang has been planning his next move, rest assured PM Lee will not be able to see it coming until it’s too late. Just like on 14 June when the former army general launched his first offensive while most of us were still in dreamland. link

A couple of years earlier, an ordinary citizen, Roy, had organized a series of CPF protest rallies which culminated in PAP conceding to the return of 20% of CPF at 65. But returning even a single cent was of course not in PAP’s plan.

By agreeing to return billions to CPF members, PAP has created another issue: where to find the billions since CPF rules were tweaked because PAP needed more funds in the first place.

There are of course less major incidents which have thrown a spanner in the works.

For example, PAP’s grow-population-to-grow-economy model hit a road bump this year with the population almost unchanged. This will adversely affect government revenue and property prices.

This is not due to any policy reversal but an unexpected collapse in oil prices and disruptive technology which PAP is still ill-prepared for.

Most GLCs, helmed by elites parachuted into the organisation, have also been underperforming, resulting in Money No Enough.

Nothing is going right for PAP and it has been driven to desperation: PAP is dipping into our CPF again.


There are many other instances which will cause PAP to implode, for example, all the unreported infighting, etc. 😉

Unlike in the past where PAP had full control of the media, finance and security forces, it has now lost the plot. In fact, PAP has never been weaker since independence.

Without control, more epic errors akan datang which will ultimately lead to own self checkmate own self.

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