20150912 GE 2015 – Effects of propaganda underestimated, maintaining PAP’s status quo will doom Singapore

Many Singaporeans must have woken up to a nightmare on 12 September when they find out that support for the PAP has actually increased.

How could there be a vote swing of 10% in view of a PAP government compounding chronic issues with cosmetic measures and creating new ones?

PAP’s landslide win of 69.9 % is an endorsement of its 6.9 million population white paper. Rest assured there will be even more job losses to foreigners because PAP’s only growth model is to grow the population to maintain our shopping mall economy.

Lee Kuan Yew was right in calling Singaporeans “daft” because most seem to lack critical thinking skills. Must spurs be stuck into our hides to wake us up from decades of apathy?

Worse, many can’t even differentiate between facts and propaganda. With his son’s impressive win, he should not need to get up from his grave.

The 2015 election results mean:

– Singaporeans have been convinced by CPF propaganda and PAP can now proceed to delay CPF withdrawal, possibly passing on to members’ children to retain money in GIC.
– PAP can continue to manage our reserves in the most opaque manner, no questions asked.
– Politicians and civil servants who screwed up big time will not be held accountable.
– The hundreds of millions paid to Temasek and GIC directors does not matter but not when it comes to increasing social spending by a few million dollars.
– Citizens prefer PAP to maintain total control of public housing despite politicians not living in one, divorced from housing issues.
– Singaporeans have accepted that our MRT system, not designed for a lower population, will constantly break down in future. Maybe even the entire network coming to a standstill.
– Higher political salaries will be acceptable.

There has not been any significant policy U-turn to justify the vote swing. Perhaps many have underestimated the effects of the SG 50 and PGP propaganda as well as PAP milking LKYs death to garner sympathy votes? Strangely, having access to information on alternative media doesn’t seem to have made Singaporeans any wiser.

If PAP had been governing Singapore well and delivering a higher standard of living, Singaporeans would have naturally voted for PAP. But no, it had to spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars on propaganda and election goodies to buy our votes. Will Singaporeans continue to play the role of a fool by allowing PAP to first take from us and then returning a token of what it has taken just before an election?

The election results confirm PAP’s blank cheque in Parliament and bills will be passed without the need to consult citizens. It is unbelievable that Singaporeans do not want their voices heard. I really wonder if we are so stupid to believe that our Singaporean core could be maintained when citizens, born and bred here, will soon number less than foreigners.

PM Lee must be smiling all the way to the bank because Singaporeans have voted to run our country as a corporation with him as CEO. The status quo has remained after numerous elections and Singaporeans who keep PAP in power can’t blame anyone else when they keep getting screwed by flawed policies. The people have been effectively screwing themselves.

It is tempting, and easier, to give up the fight for justice and equality in view of the disappointing results. But what about our children, vulnerable groups of citizens and even foreign construction workers? No, we can’t just quit after all the opposition party members and supporters have sacrificed so much of their time, energy and limited financial resources to be our voice in Parliament.

Every citizen who has seen through PAP’s illusion created by propaganda must continue to fight against maintaining the status quo.

From the election results, it has been confirmed that there will only be change when it is forced upon PAP by an external event or one that’s beyond PAP’s control. Elected opposition MPs should consider a different strategy after doing some soul searching.

PAP’s policies are detrimental to our country and it has been paying lip service to most of our concerns. Maintaining the status quo will surely doom Singapore.

Singaporeans should reflect on our issues and decide if we really want to be economic digits in Singapore Inc, replaceable by foreign parts. There will be no turning back.

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13 Responses to 20150912 GE 2015 – Effects of propaganda underestimated, maintaining PAP’s status quo will doom Singapore

  1. James says:

    I’m sorry Philip but I think this elections have revealed the fact that Singaporeans are not worth fighting for. Their level of stupidity has far exceeded what I imagined they were capable of. I feel so sorry for people like Chee Soon Juan who has sacrificed so much. 70% of Singaporeans deserve what is coming. I don’t think even god can help them anymore.

  2. Xmen says:

    Philip, you have to accept that you live in a closed society, one similar to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during WWII. All supported their governments overwhelmingly. You can’t change the regime from within. Best of luck anyway.

    • phillip ang says:

      Appreciate all your comments and please don’t stop commenting on TOC and TRE. I have now realised it will take a black swan event, probably external, to effect change. Even if all swing voters support opposition parties, PAP will still form the government.
      I believe things will come full circle for PAP and hope to contribute in my own small ways. 🙂
      All the best to you.

  3. James says:

    Thanks Phillip, you sound like you are going on “long leave”. Can’t blame you. Thanks for all your great articles. I really appreciate your efforts and convictions. Unfortunately, my reading of Singaporeans is correct and I really feel they will live to repent.
    You should plan for yourself and your family. Good luck and God bless!

    • phillip ang says:

      🙂 Nope, Still have some energy left.
      Our elected oppo MPs need to review their strategy because their questions have not gone to the root of the issue of transparency and accountability in parliament.
      They also need to support issues which have been brought up by people like Roy instead of maintaining a dead silence.
      You are probably right about Singaporeans living to repent. Many still can’t see through PAP’s propaganda. It’s as if more Singaporeans are begging to be controlled by PAP and such a sad state of affair when empathy is just a show and everyone is only looking out for himself.
      Many Singaporeans have inspired me – people like Lim Hock Siew, Teo Soh Lung, JBJ, Chee Soon Juan, etc. they have been through so much in their lives and our little contributions really pale in comparison.
      No matter how PAP dresses up bad policies, they will only claim more victims.
      We mere mortals have to accept our limitation and not be too serious all the time. It may not be possible to help those who insist on doing themselves in but I will continue to stay on the side of the 30%. 🙂

  4. reality check says:

    what this election proved is that the logic some how reverses here , the logic which Singaporeans followed is something like never trust your children to make any decision about their own lives as the decision you can make for them are always better then what they will ever no matter what stage of life they are on kindly replace Singaporeans with children and PAP with Parents. all i can say Good Luck to both as i now start my planning to migrate from this “wonderland” where old folk collect cardboard to stay healthy and active and PMET (which includes me as well) are too lazy or under qualified (I have 2 degrees) and FT help create “GOOD” jobs for locals,

    • phillip ang says:

      Unfortunately, I do not have your option. 😦
      I was afraid that logic was in reverse gear when I heard Singaporeans saying they will vote for PAP despite all their flawed policies.
      After the election, Tan Jee Say said the results were not consistent with the feedback he had received. So people were complaining for the fun of it?
      I really don’t know if 70% of us want a fair and just society.
      All the best to you. 🙂

  5. Nightwing says:

    I’ve read some analysis online and from the numbers crunched, this landslide for the PAP cannot be faulted upon just the new citizens and the Pioneer Generation, for their combined numbers alone do not produce the nearly 10% swing.
    So clearly, native adult Singaporeans and the new Strawberry Generation voters bear a good share of the BETRAYAL AGAINST SINGAPOREANS!
    I’m completely let down by daft sheep Singaporeans!
    They’re utterly, utterly hopeless, irredeemable and deserve every bad, evil thing they have coming their way for their sins of cowardice, ignorance, complacency, irrational fear, short-term thinking, selfishness, lack of backbone and a weak, shallow character who complain yet continue meekly to submit to abuses upon abuses!
    Despite being marginalized, squeezed, suffocated, insulted, dismissed, derided and ignored in their homeland, they remain gutless and hopeless to stand up for themselves and instead ask for more of the same!
    They have voted for more repressions, higher costs of living, higher GST, higher ministerial salaries, a tsunami of foreigners and new citizens to further consolidate PAP’s stranglehold on the votebank to rob them of their jobs, uni places, Pri 1 places for their children/grandchildren, choice public housing, amenities, hospital beds, etc.
    They failed to give the Opposition a chance to speak for them. They forgot and never even realised that the PAP WAS THE OPPOSITION IN 1959 BUT WAS GIVEN A CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE.
    This election is literally do or die.
    So while while Kenneth Jeyaratman is not in the league of Dr Chee Soon Juan or Mr Low Thia Kiang, nevertheless I fully agrees with what he said on the night after the elections results: “I guess Singaporeans get the government they deserve, so I don’t want to hear any more complaints.”
    Too bad I’m not young nor rich enough to migrate, and thus are cursed to suffer along the bunch of daft sheep!
    I no longer blame the PAP.
    So welcome to a city state where their young men sacrifice 2 years of their lives & then some more to provide security for foreigners and the autocrats to prosper, and 20 yrs later, these same men become security guards and taxi drivers to allow foreigners and the plutocracy to continue to lord over them.

    • phillip ang says:

      Singaporeans are only book smart and have been conditioned to look out for himself. The results are more than a disappointment.
      I really can’t understand why would someone complain strongly against the PAP but endorse all the flawed policies. And they know the situation will only worsen in future.
      I guess all the propaganda must have worked, although we both don’t believe one bit.
      It will be a more uphill task from now but we should not let negative emotions sap our energy. 30% of Singaporeans still need whatever support they can get.
      What goes around, comes around. Karma is a strict accountant and nature will take its course. 🙂

      • Nightwing says:

        One can’t help but be a pessimist looking at the results.
        With Singaporeans not producing to even replace ourselves, it’s more than uphill as the votebank will continued to be stacked w/ foreigners against us.
        Given the behaviour of the PAP against local born Singaporeans before and during the elections, there’s nothing to stop them from accelerating their policies to marginalize us even further & even more repressively – because hey… the popular vote has given them the mandate.
        When a country has not one, BUT TWO traitors who worked for the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII ascending to positions of PM and President w/ one dying peacefully on a hospital bed and getting buried with full honours & a million plus daft sheep paying homage to the despotic tyrant (the thought of standing hours upon hours lining up under the hot sun just to bow to a corpse who had turned my beloved Singapore into his own personal repressive fiefdom filled w/ his cronies that extract every last cent from the people simply sickens me w/ revulsion!) – WHERE THEN IS THE KARMA?!
        A Chinese idiom aptly describes our predicament: 上梁不正,下梁歪!

  6. phillip ang says:

    The immigration policy has nothing to do with increasing our total fertility rate. Unfortunately the elected opposition MPs have not queried the PAP in parliament on the policy failure. The age profile of PRs, whom 90% of new citizens are selected from, is almost identical to Singaporeans’ and they are in fact creating a future problem. To confirm, I have queried NPTD which claimed no such data is collated. So how does the PAP keep track of a policy? Most likely, the import of new citizens is an excuse to shore up PAP’s supporter base. This was planned years ago as they had anticipated huge election losses.
    The timing of karma, if you believe, is not dictated by anyone.
    It is easy to become pessimistic but we should let ourselves be inspired by non PAP politicians who have sacrificed a lot of family time and energy for years but they have NOT given up. Many received nothing in return for trying to speak up for the people. After 2 decades, Chee Soon Juan is still staying focused. As are others.
    So perhaps you could take some time to reflect and try to channel your energy into contributing in your own ways?
    I am as affected as you are by all the flawed policies (and injustice) but I will not lose focus. 🙂
    Stay cool.

  7. Max says:

    Phillip, you are wrong to suggest that WP should support people like Roy Ngerng and protest together with all the other opposition parties at hong lim park. The middle ground- the 40% of swing voters- has a strong dislike for the likes of Roy Ngerng, amos yee and Han Hui hui. The results prove that WP was right to distance themselves from the other opposition parties who strongly supported Roy Ngerng and amos yee. In aljunied grc, the swing against wp was surprisingly small (only 3.7%) and that was because wp still has support from swing voters. The swing voters want a moderate opposition that is tame and won’t cause the downfall of PAP too soon. You have to understand the psychology of the Singaporean swing voter. The kiasu swing voter does NOT want the PAP to stop being the government. For now, it seems that swing voters don’t want the opposition presence to be bigger because they have not been affected by pap policies that badly over the past 4 years. That said, they still want WP in Parliament.

    • phillip ang says:

      The results only confirmed Singaporeans are not rational voters. https://likedatosocanmeh.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/20151004-the-myth-of-rational-middle-ground-voters-pap-will-win-all-future-elections/
      Why would anyone vote for a 6.9 million population knowing full well we will be adversely affected in the future?
      If the PAP does not fall soon, it could be argued they will never fall. Look at the statistics on new citizens, grassroots, GLC employees, civil servants, etc and you will understand what is happening.
      Your analysis appears to be a bit off the mark because PM Lee said he was surprised by the results and George Yeo also did not expect a landslide victory. What made all the irrational swing voters support PAP – LKY, SG 50 and PGP propaganda plus dishing out election goodies.
      The election results in no way confirm middle-ground voters had a strong dislike for Roy and Amos.
      WP lost Punggol East and almost lost Aljuneid. If it had participated in the CPF rallies, it would have spoken up for CPF members in its constituency. It was silent or ineffective on the CPF issue in Parliament. Credit for PAP returning 20% lump sum at retirement age goes to Roy and others.
      Would WP have won over, instead of losing, more voters by being not so tame on the CPF issue? How was WP supposed to empower the people when it had no power in parliament, being defensive on every occasion? Since every parliamentary ‘debate’ is a farce and the outcome a forgone conclusion, why continue down a path that’s destined for failure?
      WP missed the opportunity to lead on the CPF issue and define the true meaning of ’empowering your future’.

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