20150908 Will PAP line up and take a bow, release CPF before 9/11?

The crowds at opposition party rallies tell a very different story from what has been painted by the mainstream media. If Singaporeans had just wanted to listen, we could have done so in the comfort of our homes in front of a screen. Our hopes of dismantling PAP’s anti-Singaporean machinery appears to be much higher than in 2011.

WP rally in Punggol East

Image by Christopher Wong

Four days before polling day in 2011, PM Lee sensed the ground was not as sweet as PAP had earlier assumed. He said: “If we didn’t get it right, I’m sorry. But we will try better the next time.” After his insincere apology, Lee went back to PAP’s old ways of abusing the civil service, taking legal action against an ordinary citizen, issuing legal threats, focusing on creating the mother of all propaganda instead of proper governance, etc.

Although PAP has lost a lot of supporters due to demographic changes alone, it had continued to bully and profit from citizens as if its support was still intact. A look at the stats to confirm the tide has really turned.

Since 2011, an estimated 190,000 citizens have reached voting age. NPTD, pg 16 The majority of Singaporean youths are likely to be anti-PAP because they are internet savvy, seldom read state propaganda, are aware of being screwed by PAP’s anti-Singaporean policies and unlike older Singaporeans, don’t fear PAP.

Deceased citizens averaged an estimated 17,000 annually pg 16 (estimated figure due to PAP concealing figures for citizens) or about 68,000 since 2011. 90% or about 61,200 deceased citizens are aged above 60 and most are likely to be PAP supporters.

Citizens turned 21 190000
Deceased citizens 61200
Maximum lost votes 251200

Assuming 80% of deceased elderly citizens supported PAP and 70% of new voters despise PAP, its support will likely erode by about 180,000 votes.

But the scheming PAP had already planned to mitigate the expected loss by increasing the number of new citizens. While this is likely to be true, a not so new citizen recently told me the she and her husband are no fans of PAP after experiencing the reality in Singapore.

Taking all of the above into account, PAP will be down by more than 100,000 votes. But that’s not all.

Thanks to Roy’s persistence on educating Singaporeans on the CPF issue, many have realised we have all the while been fleeced by PAP. A large percentage of the 400,000 CPF members aged between 45 and 55 who had supported PAP in 2011 may likely sour the mood for PAP on 9/11. This is because PAP has confirmed OUR CPF will not be returned in full and the withdrawal age is likely to be delayed to possibly 70 or even 80.

The last 4 years haven’t been smooth sailing for PAP because it has refused to revamp its flawed immigration policy. It has increased the foreigner population by more than 240,000 with a targeted 6.9 million population and ignoring our concerns, ie shortage of hospital beds, overcrowded public transportation, work-life imbalance, unfair competition with foreigners using fake degrees, Medishield Life, CPF Life, etc.

The number of anti-PAP Singaporeans would have naturally increased because PAP policies have adversely affected an increasing number of citizens. No amount of propaganda can erase PAP’s mistakes.

Every single-party which has ruled for decades is ultimately corrupted by greed and power and the fall will be unexpectedly swift.

We should also bear in mind that PAP’s support was actually below 60% if there had been no walkover in Tanjong Pagar GRC.

To worsen the situation, the current slate of opposition candidates are way better than PAP’s Sim Ann (video on TOC) who speaks like TPL at a rally. (please stop watching video if you feel like puking). The number of spoilt votes, likely to be against PAP, will therefore be reduced.

Lee Hsien Loong was still living in la la land and did not know that plastering his face all over Singapore is futile. But from the attendance at opposition rallies, he should have woken up with a Plan B to stem the tide against PAP.

Desperate times call for desperate measures so nothing is impossible. At the 11th hour, Lee may tinker with the possibility of returning CPF to their rightful owners or even a referendum on CPF. Maybe even heeding Khaw’s advice, ie take responsibility by lining up all PAP MPs and taking a deep bow for the decades of hardship inflicted on citizens.

One thing for sure, a simple ‘sorry’ won’t work this time because talk is cheap. Neither will a promise to try betterer next time.

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6 Responses to 20150908 Will PAP line up and take a bow, release CPF before 9/11?

  1. James says:

    Hahaha..I love your article, Philip. That idiot of a PM does not deserve forgiveness from Singaporeans.

  2. anon says:

    CPF withdrawal age is always tied to the “re-employment age”.

    Previously when re-employment age is 65, hence CPF withdrawal age is also 65.

    Now that re-employment age is 67, the withdrawal age will also be 67 by 2016.

    History for “youngsters”:
    – When retirement age increased from 55 to 60, the withdrawal age increased to 60 also.
    – Then PAP introduced the Minimum Sum scheme — initially quite low — $30K, then $50K, then $80K, and then went crazy liao until now.
    – Then retirement age increased to 62 — withdrawal age also increased to 62.
    – During this time, re-employment law slowly introduced — companies can re-employ old employees until 63, 64, and then 65 yrs old (but at much lesser reduced pay). Similarly CPF withdrawal age also increased year-by-year to 63, 64, 65 yrs old.

  3. You Liangxin says:

    The person covering Ho Jing’s duty viz. Lee Theng Kiat was a Legal Officer in the government service before he joined Temasek. He is an owner of a big bungalow now. He was in the news when he sued his tenant for owing him rentals which was $37,0000 per month. How much is his remuneration in Temasek?

  4. Willsion says:

    Oversea voters little impact to the vote result.although majority who vote support PAP government.

  5. Willsion says:

    The desperate is when the ringlet run away with the sgd and usd..

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