Fake news: PAP government helps Singaporeans with ‘grants’ and ‘subsidies’

An own self check own self government has the ability to redefine conventional meaning of words.

Government ‘grants’ and ‘subsidies’ are generally understood to be an amount of money given by the PAP for the benefit of citizens.   But upon closer scrutiny, the PAP government has in fact channeled most of these funds …. back to itself.

Town council grants are in fact government expenditure

Every year, hundreds of millions in tax dollars are given as grants to town councils to offset maintenance costs.  For example Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council receives about $13 million in grants in FY2016 and FY2015.
An important question: Whose property is being maintained?

Since buyers of HDB flats only own a very long term lease – all flats and common property belong to lessor HDB – these grants are ultimately used for the maintenance of public property!

In reality, the PAP government has channeled tax dollars to maintain public property and this should be correctly termed as expenditure, not grant.

The next time when PAP claims to be providing assistance in the form of grants/subsidies, Singaporeans should ask ourselves an important question: what’s in it for PAP?

Look no further than the money trail which usually starts from the left pocket and … no prizes for guessing the correct finishing line.

The control of billions in tax dollars enables PAP to control the people.

When Indian = Malay and government grant = government expenditure, we know we have been had. 😦



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