PAP: State resources should not unfairly benefit civil servants, market rate charges to be imposed

For immediate release

Please Apologise Party

Dear Sinkaporeans

As you all should have known by now – after we have increased numerous charges – covernment is facing a severe shortage of funds. But this has nothing to do with paying ourselves 10-months’ bonuses last year.

Understandably, many of you are upset at the latest parking charges levied on teaching staff from August.
1papcharges2But I urge you to look at it from another perspective.  For decades, teachers have in fact benefited from free parking at the expense of taxpayers.  Every square foot of land should be properly utilized and contribute to government coffers.

If not, GST may have to be raised above 9%.

Assuming there are 20,000 teachers driving and each pay an average of $50 a month, MOE will help contribute about $120 million annually to the budget.

Teachers have not been targeted as season parking had already been imposed on military camps and bases.  With effect from 1 April, government revenue will increase as 6 more military camps and bases will implement season parking.

Of course that will not be the final cost increase and we thank social media for a number of good suggestions, eg below by SGSG.
1papchargesaImagine how much every responsible driver can contribute to the country if we extend this to schools.

Another revenue generator for the cash-tight covernment: 1papchargesbWhat my top civil servants have proposed is to take this idea one step further: create employment for elderly down and out citizens.

Water usage may be charged on a pay per use basis as this will create a sort of awareness for students.

Since tissue paper will no longer be provided, we intend to allow these elderly executives to earn additional income from the sale of tissue paper.

By creating employment, the covernment will also not need to provide any handouts, ie less expenditure.  A win-win situation.

Netizens have offered other suggestions such as imposing season parking charges on police vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, etc.  We are studying these ideas very carefully.

We look forward to public feedback on whether should this be extended to military aircrafts, all types of army vehicles and navy ships.

Some PLP supporters have asked if we are afraid of losing support for doing the right thing.  The answer is ‘no’.

For example, teachers will not vote for opposition simply because they have been forced to pay a few hundred dollars annually in season parking charges.  This I am very certain because most of them don’t even realise they are teaching propaganda – our version of history – in schools.

We need to be accountable for the use of state resources and will remove ALL subsidies from civil servants.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Yours sincerely,

Pinky Loong
CEO (equivalent),
Please Apologise Party

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