PAP big guns fail to defend against allegations of power abuse at the top, Singapore’s reputation takes another beating

PAP has underestimated the political fallout from allegations of power abuse by PM Lee’s siblings.

Although 93% of MPs will defend PM Lee in Parliament on 3 July, this will eventually raise even more questions.

PM Lee’s position is untenable and he has again resorted to propapaganda, ie using PAP big guns to mislead the public. However, these big guns have been shooting blanks, including an old big gun popularly known as Lau Goh to netizens.  Current big guns include DPMs Teo and Tharman.

With his non understanding of the issue, ie merely “petty disputes”, Lau Goh was real quick to make himself into a joke.

If it is merely “petty disputes”, Goh should explain to Singaporeans why Parliament is involved in resolving petty issues.

In other countries, a deputy head of state has important matters to settle.

In Singapore, a DPM sets up secret ministerial committees (Teo), beomes a member of the committee (Teo) or are tasked with explaining the necessity of secret ministerial committees (Tharman). Many Singaporeans term this as ‘jiak liao bee’.

Without even touching on the issue of alleged power abuse, DPM Tharman has asked Singaporeans to “have confidence, no matter today’s sad dispute“. Tharman and his party hope that the 70 percenters will continue to trust PAP blindly and soon forget about allegations of power abuse as the issue should be a “sad dispute”.

In his FB post published on TOC, Tharman went on ad nauseam about the need for ministerial committees.

As usual, Tharman did not forget to indulge in some self praise in the same post: “You can count on the fourth generation leaders to keep to a system that upholds the laws of the land, prioritises the common good and looks to the long term.” But frankly, Singaporeans are disgusted by ministers like Chan, Ong, etc who behave more like clowns and constantly utter stupidity.

Tharman is also the same minister who insulted Singaporeans when he claimed that the government should not disclose information based merely on public interest. Another  case of PAP big guns firing blanks?

Allegations of power abuse at the top must be addressed in court. By masking the issue with propaganda – PAP big guns firing blanks – Singapore’s reputation has continued to go downhill.


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  1. pang ah san says:

    Well said!

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