PM Lee refuses to address siblings’ power abuse allegations, only refers questions on 38 Oxley Road to a 93% PAP-controlled Parliament

I refer to CNA article, “PM Lee apologises to Singaporeans over dispute with siblings; to answer questions in Parliament on 38 Oxley Road”.

The PAP government, with assistance from a PAP-controlled MSM, has continued to frame the issue as one of family dispute to distract Singaporeans from allegations of power abuse by his siblings.

Without addressing the allegations of power abuse, more ordinary citizens like me will lose confidence in PM Lee as he is clearly mishandling the situation.

PM Lee now intends to seek exoneration from a 93% PAP-controlled Parliament, excluding PAP-appointed NMPs, which will further damage Singapore’s reputation. He doesn’t seem to give a hoot about whether foreigners are watching our ‘Korean familee drama’, unfortunately. 😦

By trivialising the issue of alleged power abuse into non existence, PM Lee’s apology appears to be as fake as fake news.

PM Lee was reported to have said he “deeply regrets that the dispute has affected the country’s reputation and Singaporean’s confidence in the Government”.

If he has regrets, then why doesn’t he look at the power abuse issue in the eye? Why allow an increasing number of Singaporeans to lose confidence in the government?

When PM Lee’s father LKY was alive, he did not hesitate to take legal action against his political opponents – and even foreign media – for slander.

It is therefore puzzling for PM Lee, a chip of the old LKY block, to allow himself to be slandered as if he has not been defamed. It’s hard to believe that PM Lee has suddenly become really flame proof. Merely 3 years ago, he had taken legal action against Roy on just one CPF blog post after he had watched Roy’s blog for some time.

According to Professor Jayakumar, LKY could “be criticised for foolishness, maybe even for incompetence, for arrogance, but his red line was — not on reputation and integrity”. LKY took legal action to “get those who impugn his integrity to justify their allegations”.link

LKY has passed on for only 27 months and the issues of reputation/honesty/integrity suddenly became non issues to his son? Not even after LHY has called him a liar?

Image may contain: text

What about sister Lee Wei Ling who has also accused PM Lee publicly for his “mischief and dishonesty in his long rebuttal that showed her to be trying to cheat him of his rightful share in their father’s will”? link

Should the leader of any country brush off accusations of dishonesty – under oath – by prominent members of society?

PM Lee: “I urge all MPs, including the non-PAP MPs, to examine the issues thoroughly and question me and my Cabinet colleagues vigorously.”

But the fact remains that after opposition MPs like JB Jeyeretnam was prevented from entering Parliament through bankrupting him, every Parliamentary sitting has been a wayang. The outocome of the 3 July sitting will be no different because questions from PAP MPs will likely be tailored to desired answers.

The presence of elected opposition MPs will have no bearing on the wayang as they – similar to all PAP MPs – have not even issued any statement on the power abuse allegations. 😦

Foreigners watching our ‘Korean familee drama’ must have been amazed at the main actor’s skills – in acting blind, deaf and dumb at the same time.

More twists to the plot are to be expected after PM Lee’s exoneration by his Parliamentary subordinates on 3 July. 😦

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