DPM Teo also did not want to demolish LKY’s house, ministerial committee was to further PM Lee’s personal agenda

I refer to  CNA article, “I’ve not thought about what lies beyond demolition: Lee Hsien Yang on Lee Kuan Yew’s Oxley home”.

CNA has continued to assist PAP by publishing an increasing amount of information to complicate a simple wish of LKY: demolish his house after his death.

Singaporeans are already aware that PM Lee has no intention of demolition as he intends to continue milking maximum political mileage from his father’s house.

The CNA article has also confirmed that even PM Lee’s deputy Teo Chee Hean shares his view in not demolishing 38 Oxley Road, against LKY’s wish.

DPM Teo: “For instance, they know that I would personally not support the options at either end of the range: At one end, preserving the house as it is….; and at the other, demolishing the house and putting the property on the market for new private residences “.

Does Teo own the house? Can he just suka suka override LKY’s wish?

A survey has already confirmed that 77% support demolition vs 17% who don’t.  So whose interests are Teo trying to protect?  Is this a government working for the people or screwing the people? 😦

PM Lee and DPM Teo do not want to demolish 38 Oxley Road and their views were already  made known to their subordinates.  The ministerial committee – comprising members who are their subordinates – was formed to suggest options and ensure LKY’s wish remains … wishful thinking.

It is therefore logical to conclude that the formation of a ministerial committee was to ensure demolition was no go and further PM Lee’s personal agenda.

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