Oxleygate confirms we do have a finger-lickin-good President

Oxleygate may likely be a noose tightening on PAP.

The latest to continue flogging a dead horse is Indranee Rajah, SMOS for Law. Like other ministers who have aligned themselves with PM Lee, Indranee believes she knows LKY’s thoughts better than LKY himself.

Recall that after the PAP had hiked water prices by 30% and the whole world knew this increase will trickle down to all goods and services, Indranee was the goondu who said: ” The cost of such goods should not and ought not go up”. Lawyer Indranee is also MOS for Finance.

On the issue of power abuse allegations, this would have been urgently addressed in other democratic countries. But in unique Singapore, the PM AP simply fixed a date for a scripted question and answer session in Parliament for his subordinates to whitewash extremely serious allegations of power abuse. 😦

If PM Lee is certain that the allegations were baseless, he would have taken legal action against his siblings as he had done so immediately against ordinary citizens like Roy Ngerng, all because of one blog post.

If the 3 July Parliamentary sitting ‘proves’ the PAP government was not corrupt, legal action must also be taken for defaming PM Lee globally.

Since legal action has to be taken either way, why delay the inevitable?

At stake now is the integrity of the entire civil service because allegations of a corrupt government have gone unanswered.

Despite the main actor and his supporting cast have all refused to acknowledge extremely serious allegations of power abuse, the President could have acted in the interest of our country by calling for a CPIB investigation. Andrew Loh’s article

After all, the PAP legislated the EP in 1991 to help safeguard Singapore’s national reserves and ensure the integrity of the public service.

The complete silence from President Tony Tan therefore speaks volumes of the real objective of our EP, ie to serve only PAP’s interests.

To be fair to Tony Tan, he had won by only a whisker in 2011 and could not have been any unifying figure the PAP would have us believe.

In reality, Tony commands very little respect and has been the butt of many jokes.

Tony’s silence on the allegations of power abuse and other national issues will likely see him go down in history as a finger-lickin-good President. 🙂

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