Law minister Shanmugam’s”ridiculous” comment on conflict of interest even more ridiculous

After 5 decades of relying on propaganda to run the government, PAP ministers presently lack the ability to convince Singaporeans with sound arguments.

Lee Hsien Yang has recently disclosed that Law Minister Shanmugam’s inclusion in the “secret committee” formed to prevent the demoltion of LKY’s house.  LHY has also stated that there is a conflict of interest because Shanmugam’s views had been sought prior to the drafting of LKY’s will.

As to be expected, Shanmugam is unhappy and has taken issue with LHY’s disclosure of facts.

Firstly, the committee was “secret” prior to LHY’s disclosure and suggests something amiss.  If the preservation of LKY’s house was in the interests of the public, the government would not have formed a secret committee but debate the issue in Parliament.

Understandbly, Shanmugam is unhappy to be associated with anything secretive for obvious reasons.

In view of the increasing threat of terrorism, Singaporeans would have thought Shanmugam must have been busy doing what he’s paid to do as MHA minister.  It’s a shame that the PAP minister was tasked to be a member of a secret committee – not for some important work – to preserve a supposed-to-be-demolished house. 😦

PAP government has got its priorities wrong.  Again.

Prior to the formation of the secret committee, Shanmugan had already known for a fact that LKY had wanted his house to be demolished after his death.  Law Minister Shanmugam’s view was sought and taken into account to demolish LKY’s house.

Wasn’t he in conflict when tasked to be part of a committee working against LKY’s wish to consider options to preserve 38 Oxley Road?

Since Shanmugam could not convince Singaporeans that  he was not in conflict,  he then anyhow claimed that he was “sure most Singaporeans are sick and tired about these endless allegations, which are quite baseless”.

Shanmugam is clearly clutching at straws and imagines the non-existence of social media.

If Shanmugam did not bury his head in the sand, he would have known that many Singaporeans are fed up with PAP’s abuse of power and this deeply embarrassing familee drama is being watched by an international audience.

The issue – framed by local media – has never been about LKY’s house but abuse of power by PAP, as highlighted by foreign media.

One PAP member who does not believe in blind obedience said on his FB: “This is not a wild allegation made by some fringe group, but by the Prime Minister’s siblings, who are high-profile individuals. It is therefore not disloyal to ask questions and seek answers on the issue. ”  He is of course not alone.

Isn’t it unbecoming for a law minister to make a misleading statement?

Or maybe the government will commission another LTA-type survey to prove that many Singaporeans are sick and tired of endless and baseless allegations?

The “right” thing Shanmugam should have done was recuse himself from the house-cannot-demolish committee.  But of course nobody knew at that point in time that the issue would blow up to such an extent or the secret committee would be exposed.

If Shanmugam was expecting MSM headlines to achieve the objective of propaganda, he will be sorely disappointed.

Without sound arguments to convince Singaporeans, Shanmugam’s “ridiculous” comment has made him look even more … ridiculous.

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