AssMRT: Government will convene another secret ministerial committee to resolve constantly-breaking-down MRT system issue

Dustbin Quack

Dear Commuters

Please allow me to apologise for the most recent breakdown yesterday – again – during the rush hour.

Videos of the massive breakdown uploaded online have confirmed an unacceptable situation, eg Today’s video. This should never have happened. I am sorry that it has.

On 28 March when we started the new signalling system trial, we had actually warned commuters that signalling tests would last for months and to expect delays. We are now unsure if this may last for years. 😦

In our joint statement with LTA, we have explained the disruptions on both networks were due to the implementation of a new communications-based (CB) system to control trains. Unfortunately, this CB system has been a disappointment as initial investigations pointed to “failure in the radio communication network”, ie supposed to communicate but couldn’t.

We fully understand commuters’ frustrations as the repeated delays must have cost productivity losses amounting to some 56 million man hours to date. Again, please accept my apology.

Many commuters have been frustrated by our non delivery of a world class transport system and accused MOT Minister and myself of hiding till the storm blows over. This cannot be further from the truth.

We have actually been rather busy ‘seeking’ online feedback and it seems most commuters are suggesting that a secret ministerial committee be convened, similar to 38 Oxley Road. However, commuters have also insisted that committee members must be upfront on issues and do not possess forked tongues or the ability to twist words like one SMOS.

As this has been a national issue for years, a $7/$17 million ministerial committee is justified and will not be an abuse of public resources.

Cabinet has given its approval for the formation of a ministerial committee whose members will not be disclosed.

Frankly, your ride will continue to be a little bumpy in the months ahead while we sort out all the teething issues.

In anticipation of delays, commuters should start off on their journey at least half an hour earlier and expect to be home later than usual. This is the temporary new normal. During this testing period, arrival at your destination on time should be seen as a bonus.

Thank you for your eternal patience and please have confidence in the ministerial committee to resolve all issues.

Dustbin Quack

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