Foreigners will finally get to know our farce-world Pariahment after Q & A wayang on 3 July

With regard to the 38 Oxley Road dispute, PM Lee has offered an insincere apology to Singaporeans. Although he has been accused of lying under oath and misuse of power, the issue should be settled in court.

Convening a Parliamentary session to refute allegations of power misuse is tantamount to further misuse of power.

PM Lee: “These allegations go beyond private and personal matters, and extend to the conduct of my office and the integrity of the Government.”

Why then has PM Lee not taken immediate action to prevent more attacks on the conduct of his office and the integrity of the Government?
Why did PM Lee take immediate legal action against an ordinary citizen for a blog post which did no harm to his/Singapore’s reputation?
Why is preferential treatment given to his siblings who continue to damage Singapore’s reputation?
Is there some truth in his siblings’ allegations which PM Lee fears will be confirmed under cross examination in court?

It is tempting for Singaporeans to make similar power misuse allegations as PM Lee will be setting a precedent by avoiding court settlement.

Although the integrity of the government is now questionable, the PAP has again abused public resources to poll civil servants on whether they have begun to doubt the integrity of public institutions. Link

More importantly, the government should have polled ordinary citizens and foreign investors on how badly the allegations of power abuse – reported globally – have damaged Singapore’s reputation. Unlike civil servants who are subservient to the PAP, foreign investors and thinking citizens are not. 🙂

Making a ministerial statement in a PAP-controlled Parliament, followed by a Q & A, is rightly perceived as another PAP wayang, an act of cowardice by a leader. The outcome is a foregone conclusion and the script is likely to go something like this:

Questions by PAP MPs:

PAP MP 1: Sir, why did your siblings make such allegations knowing full well they would damage Singapore’s reputation?
PM Lee: I cannot read their minds. What I am most concerned with is the damage to Singapore’s reputation. I have subjected myself to vigorous questioning by any MP in an open manner to clarify the issue. Singaporeans will ultimately be convinced that all the allegations are baseless.

PAP MP 2: Master er … I mean sir, you have already done your best to settle the issue privately. Will you continue reaching out to them?
PM Lee: I have always never allowed my personal affairs to get in the way of my serving Singaporeans. This is a hallmark of a great leader. As far as I would like to settle the issue amicably, LHY has decided to leave Singapore.

PAP MP 3: Sir, many Singaporeans feel that you should have taken the abuse of power allegations more seriously and settle this issue in court. Why then do you….

Mdm Speaker: MP 3 question is irrelevant to this issue. Next question.

Questions by WP MPs:

WP MP 1: Will the government consider convening a Special Select Committee of Parliament to be broadcast live to look into allegations of abuse of power by the Prime Minister made by members of his family?
PM Lee: There is no necessity for such a committee as I have lifted the whip and am subject to vigorous questioning by every MP.

WP MP 2: What conflicts or potential conflicts of interest did the government identify to exist from among the members of the Cabinet and with regard to the Attorney-General?
PM Lee: These conflicts of interest must have been only imaginary ones. You have raised the issue of the AG appointment in January and Minister Shanmugam had already addressed your unhappiness.

WP MP 2: Mdm Speaker, may I ask …
Mdm Speaker: You were allowed 3 clarifications in January and I will not allow any more nonsense from you today. Next question.

WP MP 3: What rules are in place to prevent the abuse of power and the influence of ministers on the civil service?
PM Lee: If abuse of power was even an issue, Singaporeans would not have tolerated this and the PAP government would have been history. Without good governance – rules in place to prevent abuse of power – why would foreigners invest in Singapore?
Civil servants also work independently without fear or favour and ministers have no influence over them.

MP 4: Will you subject yourself to a COI whose members are truly independent?
Mdm Speaker: MP 4, this question is irrelevant. Before Parliament is adjourned, allow me to thank PM Lee for his courage in refuting all the baseless allegations against the government. Thank you.

No thanks to PM Lee refuting his siblings’ allegations in Parliament, our farce-world Pariahment will be the butt of foreigner jokes after 3 July. 😦

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1 Response to Foreigners will finally get to know our farce-world Pariahment after Q & A wayang on 3 July

  1. S c says:

    The conclusion is forgone ; all thinking people know it;
    It’s stage managed

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