“Enduring legacy” of Lee Kuan Yew is in fact a time bomb

LKY has been credited with transforming Singapore from “a sleepy fishing port to a major economic centre”. According to state propaganda, this is LKY’s enduring legacy.

Many Singaporeans would of course beg to differ because how LKY created this ‘miracle’ is equally important.

The governance system introduced by LKY was one based on zero transparency and accountability. This is LKY’s bequest to Singapore which we cannot simply ignore because it is a time bomb.

Such an unsustainable system naturally created many issues which have been swept under the carpet by MSM for 5 decades.


Yottabytes of information which should be in the public domain has been concealed by PAP for 5 decades. Most of the information is not state secret and PAP is simply concealing such information to prevent self embarrassment. Such information could be multibillion dollar investment losses (realized/unrealized), multibillion dollar cost overruns in overseas projects such as Tianjin Eco-City in China, other projects in India, etc.

When Minister Lawrence Wong (not this guy again!) had to make a self-insulting statement to conceal past cabinet records, it is extremely likely that the material information would have shed light on PAP’s shortsightedness; its long-term planning is only a myth.
 Concealed cabinet records would also have shed light on Operation Coldstore, Operation Spectrum, etc. Hmm … really no abuse of power by the PAP?

Disclosure of information which belong in the public domain will cause confidence to be shaken and eventually lead to a collapse as foreign investors flee Singapore. The disclosure of concealed material information – only a question of when – is akin to a time bomb being set off.


So long as top civil servants, stat board and GLC CEOs and PAP MPs are willing to participate in PAP’s pseudo democracy, accountability will not be an issue to PAP.

Failures are automatically recycled/promoted within ministries/GLCs and a very comfortable retirement is assured – at taxpayers’ expense.

Most of our domestic issues have directly resulted from the unaddressed issue of accountability, eg poor infrastructure planning, negligible productivity growth for decades, long waiting time at polyclinics, public hospital appointments taking months or even more than one year, a constantly-breaking down MRT system, police officers running away and hiding from unarmed rioters, etc

Government organisations which do not employ it top management based on merit will continue to fail the people and the question is ‘when’. Witness LTA still struggling to resolve MRT teething issues for years, public hospital bed shortage still an issue due to zero increase between 2001 and 2011, privatization of SMRT due to unacceptable screw ups, state assets sold off at lelong prices, eg NOL, etc.

After 5 decades of preventing transparency from seeing daylight, logically, there must be ‘too many’ skeletons in PAP’s cabinet. Having compounded incompetence in every government organization since our independence, issues related to the lack of accountability may soon reach a tipping point.

PM Lee has been emboldened by LKY’s ‘success’ even before he passed on 2 years ago and simply continued with papa’s ‘legacy’, as if the internet did not exist. Big mistake.

LKY’s legacy to Singapore – a governance system based on zero transparency/accountability – is clearly a time bomb. 😦

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