Former PM Goh ignores abuse of power allegations, ‘defamation-must-sue-or-leave-cabinet’ now no pakai

I refer to CNA article, “Singapore will not be dragged down by Lee family’s ‘petty disputes’: ESM Goh”.

This Lau Goh is really one funny guy who’s able to ignore the elephant in the room. Never mind if power abuse allegations are serious; he just wants to focus on “petty disputes”. Petty is something that is of little importance or trivial. The you-say-this-I-say-that dispute between PM Lee and his siblings is anything but petty.

Someone (I don’t want to mention the name) once said that $600,000 was peanuts but the amount involved in this case could be at least 100 times the peanuts. So how could the dispute be a peanutty one?

The power abuse allegations will have serious ramifications for Singapore as the issue has already been reported in international media. Singapore will not be dragged down? Sure or not?

Later, he did admit there will be some fallout: “Whatever damage Singapore may suffer, willfully inflicted or otherwise, I know Singaporeans will not lay meek.”

Goh has continued to live in denial and said on his FB: “What is happening in public between Lee Kuan Yew’s children is not us and should not be allowed to define who we are.”

Goh actually has a solution for his “petty dispute” and allegations of power abuse – he is not given the emeritus title for nothing – but it probably requires his memory to be jolted. The only way to prevent Singapore from being dragged into muddier water is for PM Lee to take legal action or leave the cabinet. This is strictly according to Goh’s high moral standard.

Almost 2 decades ago, Goh said: “We have an understanding that if a minister is defamed and he does not sue, he must leave cabinet. By defamation, I mean if somebody says the minister is on the take or is less than honest. If he does not rebut it, if he does not dare go before the court to be interrogated by the counsel for the other side, there must be some truth in it.”

The allegations of power abuse have been widely reported, even in our neighbouring country. Malaysiakini Foreigners may soon believe that our PM is a liar, if this perception remains uncorrected.

Not only has LHY called PM Lee a liar, Dr Lee has chided PM Lee for being “mischievous and dishonest“. theindependent Double whammy.

The days of trying to pull the wool over Singaporeans’ eyes with propaganda are over and Goh should not conveniently ignore allegations of power abuse.

Neither should he conveniently forget he once insisted on the need to call in Aunty Sue when a minister has been defamed. Or the alternative is for the minister to leave cabinet, according to wise leader Goh.

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5 Responses to Former PM Goh ignores abuse of power allegations, ‘defamation-must-sue-or-leave-cabinet’ now no pakai

  1. Brian Vittachi says:

    GCT’s statements are so typical of Party guys who say a lot without saying anything at all. Whatever happens he is retired and thus safe from any fallout. Even the taxi driver can find holes in LHL’s arguments that this ex-PM either cannot or prefers to overlook.

    • GrabUber says:

      Eh.. don’t look down on taxi drivers leh, nowadays PMETs kena replaced by FT and become taxi drivers, so they are very highly educated one..

  2. DavidLKSee says:

    (1) UNIQUELY SINGAPORE Internet Jokes:

    PC = Political CLOWN [ not Personal Computer ]
    TCM = TALK-COCK Minister [ not Traditional Chinese Medicine ]
    ESM = Exceptionally SENILE Minister

    (2) Heaven Be Praised !!! Such Glorious Heavenly Retribution (or Karma) for the Filthy-Rich Million-Dollar PAPpies !!!

    Now, the WHOLE WORLD (and not just Singaporeans) are seeing PROOF that “The PAP Political Cupboard is full of dirty laundry, smelly skeletons and stinky shit.” !!!

  3. Good Governance? says:

    When Roy made so much thoughtful comments on the issues surrounding CPF, and just made a passing reference to City Harvest Church, our PM sued him for hundreds of thousand dollars and made him lost his job. Then we didn’t see Lao Goh said it was a petty issue? Now the siblings made repeated comments about PM lying and being dishonest, and suddenly they becomes petty issues? I begin to doubt the double standards and the priority of these people. Is is good governance?

    • Phillip Ang says:

      The whole world is watching but this guy doesn’t even seem concerned.
      Better that he doesn’t speak and to look less foolish. 🙂

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