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Allegations of power abuse by PM Lee but no sound, no shadow from opposition Workers’ Party?

For an opposition party, the Workers’ Party is more than a disappointment, like PAP B team. Allegations of power abuse by the siblings of PM Lee have set social media on fire and the foreign media must be having a … Continue reading

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PM Lee’s ‘grave concern’ an insult to LKY, abuse of power allegations not addressed

I refer to CNA article, “Grave concerns’ about how Lee Kuan Yew’s last will was prepared: PM Lee”. LKY was a lawyer himself and he was not of unsound mind months before his death. It is laughable that PM Lee … Continue reading

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PAP’s house of cards may collapse soon

After 5 decades of propaganda, Singaporeans have been conditioned to foolishly believe that PAP is the best party to lead our country. Some citizens even think that PAP will be around forever. 😦 We had a clown from the SAF … Continue reading

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Allegation of Ho Ching’s interference in the government warrants an investigation

The joint statement by PM Lee’s siblings must be taken very seriously by the government and, more importantly, Singaporeans. There are allegations of power abuse at the highest levels involving Minister Lawrence Wong, PM Lee as well as his wife, … Continue reading

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PM Lee’s siblings: PM Lee has abused his power

Am no fan of LKY but really appreciate Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang exposing PM Lee’s abuse of power. For decades, PAP has been abusing the ISA, ISD and SPF to sow fear among Singaporeans to the extent that … Continue reading

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Workers’ Party should wayang no more

Singaporeans have become increasingly disappointed with the Workers’ Party, resembling more of a PAP Team 2. There is hardly any difference between the performance of WP before and after winning a GRC: having more MPs in Parliament makes no difference … Continue reading

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A realistic minimum wage not possible in unique Singapore

In 2012, Professor Lim Chong Yah called for “a drastic hike in salaries of low-income workers in Singapore” and the implementation of minimum wage after years of wage stagnation. Depressed wages, as we all know, is directly linked to PAP’s … Continue reading

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CPF daylight robbery explained to idiots

For CPF members who are still clueless despite being fleeced for decades, below is an image which I am hoping, maybe against hope, that you will finally be convinced. (assuming GIC earns 6% long-term returns as stated) ​ ​

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Singapore unis’ questionable QS rankings no big deal, our degrees cannot be eaten

The PAP will be patting themselves on the back for NTU’s 11th and NUS’ 15th top unis ranking by QS. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 😦 Who would ever believe that NUS is ahead … Continue reading

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Why is PAP still trying to scam CPF members?

GIC’s main source of funding is CPF retirement savings. With help from the PAP government constantly tweaking CPF rules, GIC is given access to additional billions of our CPF at relatively low rates. A few years ago, CPF Board (CPFB) … Continue reading

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