LKY kena insulted by his own PAP ministers publicly, MPs taking turns on 3 July

It’s a fact that PAP politicians are despicable because they are all in it for the money.

When LKY was alive, every minister and MP would kow tow to him like a demi-god. No one had ever imagined ministers would stoop so low as to insult their previous master after he had passed on, ie none would have dared question his mental faculties when he was alive.

Chair of the secret ministerial committee Teo Chee Hean doubted LKY knew his own wishes according to this CNA article, “COMMITTEE’S INTEREST CONFINED TO THE LIGHT IT SHEDS ON MR LEE’S WISHES FOR THE HOUSE: DPM TEO”.

When LKY’s successor Goh Chok Tong said, “I have read DPM Teo Chee Hean’s statement explaining the setting up of the ministerial committee to study the future status of 38 Oxley Road. I support the careful way in which DPM …”, he was clearly agreeable to the possibility of LKY being senile.

The latest to jump on the LKY-wish-no-pakai bandwagon is SMOS for Law ndranee Rajah. This is actually quite shocking considering Indranee has been an MP in LKY’s GRC since 2001. Indranee is clearly worse than a hypocrite.

Since LKY’s final will was written 15 months before he passed on, he could not have been senile, ie unable to read and understand his own will. If LKY was senile, Indranee owed taxpayers a duty to inform the government that LKY was unable to discharge his MP responsibilities.

Why the need to convene a ministerial committee to analyse LKY’s wishes if he was not senile?

Indranee won’t be the last MP to spin the allegations of power abuse issue into 38 Oxley Road family dispute. Perhaps the clown minister keechiu Chan has been busy preparing to do battle on 3 July?

It appears LKY won’t be insulted by only PAP ministers; on 3 July, every PAP MP will be singing the same 38 Oxley Road tune in perfect harmony. The conductor is none other than PM Lee who, to his sister, is a “dishonorable son“. 😦

PM Lee has proven to be incapable of standing on his own feet as a result of being  spoon-fed all his life. Instead of moving with the times, PM Lee has simply continued with LKY’s repressive policies and even introduced more of his own.  He has wrongly assumed that they will continue to work wonders as they did during papa’s reign.

In their desperate attempt to support PM Lee’s incompetence, PAP ministers (PAP MPs will take turns on 3 July) no longer give a hoot if LKY is turning in his grave and continue to insult him publicly. It seems they have suddenly lost all respect for their once ‘great’ leader.

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1 Response to LKY kena insulted by his own PAP ministers publicly, MPs taking turns on 3 July

  1. Xtrocious says:

    Talk about throwing someone under the bus zzz

    But you are right – if they insinuate that lky was not mentally capable, then why did they not raise this issue earlier when he was still a sitting MP?

    Aren’t they guilty of not serving their constituents?

    Shouldn’t there be a by election as well?

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