PAP increasing water prices to create inflation spiral and boost GDP, transparency issue persists

The MEWR has made a mistake to increase the water tax by 30% at a time when our economy is facing headwinds.

Common sense dictates the postponement of a water price hike but this, and all other hikes, has already been factored into PAP’s plans. There will be no flip flop unless PAP senses it will exact a very high political price.

PAP’s motive in hiking water prices is not so much to increase PUB’s bottom line but to set off an inflation spiral. A basic cost component of every industry, increased water prices will have knock on effects on cost of all goods and services.

Propping up prices in such an insidious manner gives the false appearance of a healthy economy, ie increases the GDP. But the fact remains – no meaningful economic activity has been created.

PAP must defend higher water prices at all costs or risks our GDP falling off a cliff. Remuneration of PAP elites is also tied to GDP growth.

By sending MEWR Minister Masagos to insult Singaporeans with more hogwash, after MP Lee Bee Wah and SMOS Indranee became a laughing stock, it appears PAP is confident of shoving this increase down Singaporeans’ throats.

In his response to Pritam Singh’s questions, Masagos is clearly seen grasping at straws.

Masagos: “We are unable to provide details of computation because of commercial sensitivities.”

The PAP government is effectively telling Singaporeans that there is no need for any transparency after a decision has been taken. Singaporeans should just kwai kwai pay up.

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One Response to PAP increasing water prices to create inflation spiral and boost GDP, transparency issue persists

  1. sinkie says:

    Too bad. Sinkies really deserve it. Kenneth J already predicted after GE2015: Sinkies fully deserve the govt they voted for. Don’t want to hear anymore complains.

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