PM Lee confirms Presidential Election Act tweaked only after Tony Tan’s narrow win

PM Lee has confirmed PAP’s real motive for the constitutional amendments to the PE Act.

PM Lee mentioned the debate on the EP had been ongoing since “4 or 5 years” ago, ie since 2012 or 2013.


And Singaporeans are expected to accept that the timing of the ‘debate’ which started shortly after Tony Tan nearly lost in the 2011 PE was coincidental?

The above statement by PM Lee has raised even more questions. If amendments to the EP are so important:

How could PM Lee have forgotten the exact year the debate on “a very radical measure” had started?
Were there so many radical measures that had PM Lee confused on the exact year?
If indeed there was a debate, who were the participants?
If the debate participants were only a handful of PAP ministers and a few perm secs with almost all MPs kept in the dark, was it even a debate?

Who initiated the debate?
Why was the debate on a national issue kept private for “4 or 5 years” as if Singaporeans were non existent?
Or was there no debate at all but only a decision making process?

It appears PAP’s real motive for the constitutional amendments to the PE Act is to ensure the selection of a pool of PAP-friendly candidates after Tony Tan’s narrow win.

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