Triple taxation on water consumption still want to hike water price?

A water price hike when economic conditions are least favourable is indefensible.

PAP MPs and ministers have painted themselves into a corner because the decision to increase water prices was made behind closed doors. With the current public outrage, the nincompoops in white are now offering a record number of half truths and all sorts of ludicrous justifications.

MEWR Minister Masagos seems to have woken up to the scarcity of water only in 2017. Has he been asleep since save water campaigns began 5 decades ago? Is he not aware that taxes have been imposed decades earlier to promote water conservation?

Consumers are already paying at least 54% in taxes, consisting of:
– 24% Waterborne Fee
– 30% Water Conservation Tax

To top the 54% taxes, PAP has levied 7% GST on not only the amount of water consumed but also on the 54% in taxes.

Consumers have been fleeced for decades by being forced to pay GST on Waterborne Fee and Water Conservation Tax.

But no amount is really too small for PAP and even the 50 cents Pink Notice Fee earns a 7% return.

Is the Pink Notice Fee a good or service?
Is the Waterborne Fee a good or service?
Is the Water Conservation Tax a good or service?

Operating expenses of PUB have been funded mostly by consumers, which means consumers have already felt the full price of water for decades. Yet, this is insufficient for Minister Masagos?

Perhaps it is the PAP which must feel the full wrath of voters?

PUB has already earned billions from consumers – 3 layers of taxes on water consumption – but it appears PAP’s greed is insatiable.

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