20120321 Special parking privileges for ‘grassroots leaders’ at CC?

From: phillip ang
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11:21 PM
To: LEE_HSIEN_LOONG ; LIM_SWEE_SAY ; chunsing ; halimah ; PSD PS21 (PSD) ; <a title="sam_tan
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Subject: 20120321 Special parking privileges for ‘grassroots leaders’ at CC?


Mr Lee Hsien Loong
Chairman, P A

Mr Lim Swee Say
Deputy Chairman, P A

Dear PM Lee

The Pasir Ris Elias C C has allowed cars to be parked indiscriminately for years. As usual, Singaporeans only complain when matters directly affect them only. The government is therefore in the dark most of the time as to what is really happening on the ground. Please allow me to highlight an incident on 11 Feb 2012.

2 A car was parked at the drop off point (SGH 8780 D, below) and another (SGB 8983 S, no photo due to phone low bat) parked at the Handicap slot at the Pasir Ris Elias CC. As I was walking away after taking a photo, an RC vice chairwoman ran up to me and ‘asked’ smugly, “Why you take photo of my car? Complain ah?”. ** She walked away as if grassroots leaders are entitled to special parking privileges/nothing will happen even if the government receives another trivial feedback from Mr Ang. (she’s probably right as she must have known by now the outcome of my 2009 feedback on grassroots leaders abuse of CC facilities to Vivian Balakrishnan, which was forwarded to the CC)

SGH 8780 D parked at drop-off point on Feb 11, about 2 pm. Coincidence that same car parked at drop off point on 15 Mar?

A different car parked at the choiced spot today (21 Mar). It seems
everyone cannot help parking under shade and closest to the CC.

Car parked at the Handicap slot (not verified but owner unlikely to be a disabled person)

3 The frequency of occurrence suggests grassroots leaders must have been accorded special parking privileges at the Elias CC/managers allow anyone to park anywhere.

4 The PA should enforce a single rule applicable to everyone.

Thank you.


Phillip Ang


When grassroots leaders ‘suka suka’ park anywhere they like, it makes a mockery of the system.
Many residents must have also made a similar observation for years but could not be bothered with attempting to
engage our arrogant grassroots leaders. Over time, these acts become so blatant but are accepted by everyone, including those managing the C C.

** I have no knowledge which car belongs to the RC vice chairwoman.

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