20130827 C C should not bend parking rule for politicians/grassroots leaders

Last year, I highlighted to the PA chairman, PM Lee Hsien Loong, that the Pasir Ris Elias C C had been allowing indiscriminate parking for years. Special parking privileges for ‘grassroots leaders’ at CC?

It appears the problem will not be going away soon.

The preferred ‘parking lot’ has always been the drop off point because it is shaded. Bad habits of grassroots leaders had been given the green light despite the availability of parking lots.

On Saturday, the drop off point was again abused. There were ample parking lots within the C C car park as well as a multi-storey private car park only 50 metres away.

If C C parking rules were never meant to be observed, we might as well not have them.

No preferential treatment should be accorded to anyone with the exception of an emergency. The C C should not bend the rules because one is a politician/grassroots leader. It has set a very bad example. Perhaps ordinary Singaporeans are less equal in the eyes of the C C?

Phillip Ang

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