20130823 Public transport – SMRT to become Seatless Mass Rapid Transit?

Public transport commuters should brace themselves for more overcrowding.

This is because the government has been listening to Singaporeans with lip-serviced actions.

It has refused to acknowledge the limitations of our rail system and continues to stretch its capacity by ‘refurbishment’.

The ‘refurbishment’ programme included the removal of a number of seats in order to increase overcrowding on a train.
Ordinary Singaporeans like myself rely on public transportation whereas policymakers and PAP politicians own private vehicles/are chauffeured. I have written to the transport minister and suggested that all those involved in policy making should put themselves in our shoes by traveling regularly on trains and buses. This appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Back to trains. There are actually different models and manufacturers.

After the C151 model refurbishment last decade, between 76 seats and up to 150 seats were removed from a train.
372 seats (Initial design)
212/296 seats (After refurbishment

The C651 model is more generous with seating with the number of seats ranging between 336 and 372. Source

The reason for forcing us to accept the current situation as we all now know is the PAP’s horrendous planning, insisting on increasing the population at an insane rate even at the risk of worse public transportation breakdowns.

While there may be occasions which necessitate the use of refurbished trains, this has now become the norm.
‎12 ‎August, ‎2013, ‏‎12:34:51 PM (off peak at Pasir Ris MRT station)

Few stations away.

The government wants newly married couples to increase bedroom activities but does not see fit to provide any relief for families with children on public transport.

Train commuters should pray SMRT does not initiate another refurbishment programme because when our population increases by half a million within the next 5 years, it is possible the government may consider having the first Seatless Mass Rapid Transit.

Phillip Ang

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