Exposing PAP’s fake healthcare subsidy

Public healthcare subsidies are mostly non existent, ie costs are first inflated to ridiculous levels.

(Most thinking Singaporeans should be aware by now that polyclinic patients do not enjoy high subsidies because consultation fees have been inflated to higher than private GP rates.)

My personal experience for cyst removal (minor operation):

Public healthcare system

1.  ‘Subsidised’ patients first need to consult a polyclinic GP for a referral letter* to see a specialist.  (Cost – $13)
2.   Weeks later, consult specialist at public hospital** to schedule operation. (Cost – $37)
3.   Weeks later, operation done***. (Estimated cost – $275)

Private GP

1.   Operation performed after making an appointment on the same day.   Private GP rate is LOWER than subsidised rate^.

Table below sums up differences and costs.
fake healthcare subsidy(Since I saw the private GP, my scheduled CGH appointment was canceled.)

Assuming a 70% ‘subsidy’, total unsubsidised cost for a cyst operation at government hospitals is about $1000.

Obvious to even an idiot, government claims of patients enjoying huge subsidies cannot be true.

Since patients are not benefiting from government healthcare subsidies, who are the actual beneficiaries?

Is the government allocating tax dollars to public healthcare institutions – as subsidies – to increase their bottom line?

Are senior management executives rewarded accordingly?

Are vendors of public healthcare institutions also beneficiaries of billion$ in subsidies?

* Referral letter

** ‘Subsidised’ specialist bill

*** Estimated cost

^ GP bill.

Removed cyst

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